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Safe & Secure: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Security?

As a conscientious homeowner, how do you know when it’s time for a home security system upgrade? You no doubt want the best possible protection for your property, and to achieve that, cutting-edge, robust security technology is essential. Whether your current system is quickly becoming outdated, or you’re just in the market for advanced new features, our team at Bravas explains what you should consider when contemplating a security system upgrade.

Home Automation Features That Save You Time & Effort

If you’re a busy professional, when you finally get a chance to wind down and relax, the last thing you need is to waste your precious downtime fiddling with household tedium. At Bravas, we know life gets busy, and for many of us, it hardly slows down enough to even catch a breath. That’s why our team is here to help make your life easier! If you live a hectic life, check out these convenient home automation features that can help you hold on to your valuable free time.

Home Automation: What’s on the Radar for 2020?

Today, most homeowners have at least one piece of smart technology, and experts predict that within the next year, globally, each person will own at least six IoT devices. In 2020, smart device manufacturers are working diligently to upgrade existing IoT tech; not surprisingly, they’re succeeding at a breakneck pace. Home automation tech is now integrating more effective, efficient artificial intelligence systems designed to make life easier and more productive, and homeowners everywhere are scrambling to get their hands on the newest systems and gadgets. What might your home require in 2020 to stay up-to-date with smart home tech? The team at Bravas discusses a few of the advancements to watch for.

What is Sound Masking?

Through sound masking, J.J. Orion can help you create additional sound by utilizing concealed digital generators that we strategically position throughout your office building. Sound masking reduces distractions and can also provide confidentiality when you need a little privacy. The generators produce white noise to any degree you desire depending on your privacy needs. Sound masking covers up any unwanted sounds that may distract you or your employees throughout the day. We install this type of specialized equipment in homes, commercial offices, medical facilities, courtrooms, and in secure facilities to provide secrecy.

Five Blind Spots in Your Home Security

Your home might be covered, and your security system might be on point, but blind spots still exist. Today’s home security systems are tight, and they offer highly effective protection. If you’re not covering all areas, however, you’ll still be left unprotected. From lighting control to home security cameras, we’re covering the lesser-known gaps in your household’s security.

How a Whole House Vacuum Can Improve Your Health

If the convenience of a central vacuum is not enough to convince you to have one installed, perhaps you also need to consider the health benefits. In addition to making cleaning easier in general, whole house vacuums also go a long way in improving your and your family's health. Because they simplify the cleaning process, they do a much better job of keeping the air clean, removing all dander and pollens, killing bacteria, and helping you stay stress free.

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