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What Is a Whole-Home AV System? Should You Get One?

Do you want to bring the ultimate in audio-video connectivity and convenience to your home? If so, a whole-home AV system is for you. With a whole-home AV system, you might miss your nightly quest for the remote, but you’ll gain total control of what’s playing – and when it’s on – from any room in your home. How do you know if a whole-home AV system is right for you? The experts at JJ Orion discuss a few reasons to consider installing this super convenient technology in your home.

Comfort & Convenience: Home Automation Makes Your Life Easier

When you’re a busy professional or have a family’s worth of activities to manage, convenience is paramount. Fiddling around with clunky electronics and inefficient wifi systems just makes your life more difficult – so why not upgrade? At JJ Orion, we know that in the hectic life of a busy adult or family, even the smallest conveniences are appreciated. We’re here to expand on those little conveniences by offering the best in home automation to our customers throughout the Twin Cities metro. If you’ve contemplated upgrading your home to enhance your comfort and convenience, we’ve compiled a brief list of automated systems we think you should consider.

Must-Have Tech Trends: 5 Smart Home Features Everyone is Scrambling For

Home automation gives you the freedom to control almost any electronic aspect of your home with just the touch of a button. In our increasingly fast-paced world, the convenience and added comfort that such features can provide is a welcome addition to any dwelling. Not only that, but should you ponder selling in the near future, these features can add substantial value to your property. Here to discuss the growing trends in smart home features are the home automation professionals at JJ Orion.

Home Automation: How Smart Features Make Your Home More Valuable

Whether you’re a homeowner or a real estate investor, when it comes time to sell, you won’t settle for anything less than top dollar. How can you achieve that? Beyond the go-to paint touch-ups, kitchen remodels, and bathroom overhauls, state-of-the-art smart home technologies get can help you raise your bottom line.

Want Curb Appeal? Invest in Custom Outdoor Lighting

Whether you’re hoping to be the stand-out house on the block, or you’ve been considering selling soon, curb appeal goes a long way in improving the look and value of your property. One easy-to-implement upgrade that can drastically improve the look and ambiance of your home’s exterior is custom-designed outdoor lighting. At JJ Orion, we offer smart lighting control options that will set you ahead of the pack when it comes to upgrading your home’s outdoor lighting. Below, our automation professionals discuss how appropriately-placed, automated, exterior lighting can garner your home the attention and value it deserves.

Own an Airbnb? Why You Should Invest in Security Cameras

As an Airbnb host, you have a revolving door of strangers entering and exiting your investment property on any given day. And while we’d all love to believe in the goodness of humankind, the reality is, some people just aren’t trustworthy. Despite the extensive vetting process, your guests must submit to before setting foot in your Airbnb, there’s always a chance you’ll end up with a dishonest patron. To protect your property, and alleviate your fears around stolen or damaged goods, installing home security cameras in your Airbnb is a must. Here to discuss why home security systems or cameras are a worthwhile investment for the Airbnb owner, are the automation professionals at JJ Orion.

Ways to Enhance Your Home Theater Experience

Many home theater owners feel as if they aren't getting the cinema-like experience they expected from their systems. Can you relate? Considering the amount of money that most people spend on bringing such entertainment to their homes, feeling short-changed after making such a financial endeavor can definitely deflate what should be a remarkable experience. Today, we're going to explain how you can enhance your home theater experience, and how such an experience can be streamlined with expectations.

How to Update Your Conference Room Tech

In today's world, having a conference room that is comfortable and efficient is necessary when conducting business. Technology should be up to date and easy to use, with clear connections and limitless capabilities. Below, let's examine some ways you can update your conference room with new technology.

Why to Invest in a Home Security System

To the outsider, or someone who hasn’t grown up with them, the thought of a home security camera may seem a little strange at first. The usefulness of one is obvious, of course—they alert the authorities if there was to be a break-in—but why invest in one? Why spend so much money on preventing something that might not even happen?

How Home Automation Systems Improve Quality of Life for the Disabled

Diehard home automation fans might insist that they could never function without their systems, but when does home automation cross the line from a luxury into a necessity? Something that becomes inseparable from your ability to carry out daily tasks? Who needs one to maintain, at the very least, a standard quality of living?

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