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Home Automation & Hackers: Securing Your IoT Network

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is projected to rake in $20 billion by 2020. According to Gartner, a leading IoT engineering firm, Home and business owners will utilize over 80 billion IoT devices over the next five years. In fact, IoT is so big that entire cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco are rebuilding core infrastructures around IoT automation.

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How Does a Central Vacuum Work and What are the Benefits

Everybody knows how taxing a standard vacuum cleaner can be. You have to pull the weighty machine out the closet, unroll the chord, find the electrical outlet, and then turn it on...and then hope that nothing gets sucked up. Manufacturers tried to compensate by creating the mobile vacuum packs which are strapped around the shoulders and carried around the house. The only problem was that homeowners quickly discovered how burdensome they were on the back and shoulders. Strike two.

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The Advantages of Lighting Control

Most home automation systems provide the option for enabling or adding lighting control, which happens to be among the most popular features of such systems. Automating your lighting brings many benefits to your home and your lifestyle, enhancing convenience, adding comfort and reducing your energy expenses.  

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The Advantages of Using LED Lighting for Outdoor Commercial Applications

Illuminating your commercial property at night can be both complex and expensive. Businesses generally always have their assets lit up during non-daylight hours. Some stay on throughout the night, while others are turned off at the close of business. Outdoor illumination can be quite expensive, both in terms of the hardware and the utility bills. Increasingly, halogen, incandescent, florescent and neon lighting are making way for LEDs, which bring with them tremendous advantages over all other types of lighting.

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