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How to Design an Automated Lighting System

Automated lighting systems provide flexibility, convenience, and absolute lighting control from any location. Therefore, automated lighting design and installation should accommodate those needs in a home or business.

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Spring Is Here: Time To Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Spring ahead and revamp the curb appeal of your property. JJ Orion is a Minnesota-based home automation company. We provide lighting control, design ideas, and advanced technology to help you with custom home upgrades. Let our professionals give your home’s exterior illumination a fresh upgrade. Let’s find out more about revitalizing your outdoor landscape lighting for spring.

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5 Must-Have Home Automation Accessories

Controlling your home has never been easier. With the incredible technological advances in today’s home automation systems, the touch of a button is all you need. Whether you want to turn your lights off or manage your thermostat remotely, JJ Orion offers the technology you desire. Home automation allows you to operate your most important home systems, even when you are away. Whether that means keeping your home safe from intruders or simply setting mood lighting, we’ve got you covered. Wondering which automation systems are right for you? Here are five accessories we think you should consider:

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How to Assess Shade and Color Quality for Lighting Control

Proper lighting is both a safety issue and an environmental issue whether you need an automated lighting system for your home or your business. In the home, lighting can stimulate a mood or contribute to the overall look and feel of the room design. At work, lighting is essential for productivity and increased visibility to avoid injuries. The key to good lighting is balance. There should be enough lighting so that everyone can see what they are doing. Too much lighting, however, can cause glare, overstimulation, and light flickering.

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5 Benefits of Digital Signs for Your Business

Signage is a vital component of marketing and information sharing. Digital signs are becoming more popular with business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There are plenty of reasons why businesses are moving away from static signs towards animated displays. J.J. Orion offers innovative advanced digital signs for your business. We can help you discover why they’re beneficial to your company and your clients. Below we break down some of the ways your business can utilize digital signs and why you need them.

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6 Conference Room Tech Essentials

Staying on top of technology isn’t always the first thing on the list when it comes to office updates. But, staying up-to-date with the latest technology can streamline your company's processes and keep you current. If you’re looking to usher your old conference room into the new millennium, check out six of our favorite conference room tech items that you shouldn’t be without!

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Setting up the Perfect Automated Lighting System

Before you purchase an automated lighting system, it’s important to sit down with a JJ Orion specialist and go over the overall design as well as other important details. We can help you create the perfect system from start to finish. Below are some quick tips to get you started.

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Smart Features for Home Lighting Control

Home lighting control is one of the easiest aspects of a home to add smart features to. Many homes are now able to be switched over without any unique or complicated wiring -- instead, everything is programmed into the base of the bulbs and controlled with a smartphone or other device. Here are some of the most popular features.

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Home Automation: A Look At The Best Products

Whether it be cooking utensils, appliances, hot water heaters, window blinds, windows, cameras, door bells, doors, lights, speakers, or clocks, it's likely there's a home automation setup that allows you to control the device without having to leave your couch. Since there's a wide range of home automation products available on the market, we're going to make matters easier by showing you the best home automation products on the market with a brief explanation as to why they're so special.

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Sustainable Living Through Smart Home Technology

For many, “going green” or adopting a sustainable living lifestyle has included installing solar panels, building hydroponic gardens, and utilizing rainwater. It has also required being more conscious of energy consumption in using appliances and tools around the home. In all of these practices, the single unifying factor is control. Families must control the use of natural resources to stay green.

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