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Wireless Audio

What Is a Whole-Home AV System? Should You Get One?

Do you want to bring the ultimate in audio-video connectivity and convenience to your home? If so, a whole-home AV system is for you. With a whole-home AV system, you might miss your nightly quest for the remote, but you’ll gain total control of what’s playing – and when it’s on – from any room in your home. How do you know if a whole-home AV system is right for you? The experts at Bravas discuss a few reasons to consider installing this super convenient technology in your home.

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Setting up the Perfect Automated Lighting System

Before you purchase an automated lighting system, it’s important to sit down with a Bravas specialist and go over the overall design as well as other important details. We can help you create the perfect system from start to finish. Below are some quick tips to get you started.

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4 Home Theater Features You Just Can’t Live Without

Modern home theater systems are power-packed with all kinds of cool features and convenient devices that make viewing far more enjoyable. Below are our picks for accessories essentials that you just can’t do without.

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How Automating Your Home Can Improve Your Life

Think of where you would be without being able to push a couple of buttons and set the timer on your coffee machine that percolates your favorite cup of Joe like clockwork every single morning - probably still in bed. And, as dependent as you are on that simple device to get you going, just think about how convenient your life will be when every device in your home is fully automated. Make no mistake, those days are coming; and, in many ways, they’re already here.

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Going Wireless: Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Wireless Home Theater

It's finally become possible to create an entirely wireless home theater. The Internet of Things means that televisions, speakers, and other systems can all be connected through WiFi, which means that you don't need to individually run cables to each one. Here's what you need to know.

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Creating Your Modern Home Theater

Modern tech has come a long way, and Bravas is here to help you create an up-to-date home theater capable of capturing the imagination, rewiring the typical household and expanding your living area’s excitement. Whether you’re creating a viewing room or a full-fledged household theater, there’s a few things you should know about home theater creation before you begin. Today, your household benefits from a variety of options, and you can outfit your living area with the options below to create an unforgettable experience:

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Multi-Room Audio – Wired or Wireless?

Whole-House Audio, also commonly referred to as Distributed Audio, is a solution which allows for music to be delivered to multiple rooms in a home or business, often allowing for different sources to be selected in certain areas and typically controlled from a single location or device. This technology has evolved considerably over time, and in keeping pace with innovations in consumer electronics, has resulted it an abundant number of choices in the genre.

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