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Smart Lighting Control Tips for Your Home

Adopting smart home lighting automation in your home will make your daily routines seamless. From waking up in the morning, to coming home from work late, or making sure your kids get to bed at a decent hour, smart lighting provides comfort that's personalized to your routines.

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How to Fully Automate Your Home Office

Homeowners today can benefit from home automation in various ways unheard of just a decade ago. If you own a home and work out of your office, you know how easy it is to get distracted by the smallest inconveniences. Thus, you may be interested in finding automated technology that makes working in your office easier and more efficient. Custom automation including lighting control, home security cameras, and audio or video systems, can eliminate these distractions and give you more control of your room. If you live near Edina, Minnesota, contact Bravas today. We can make your home office tech savvy! Below are some of our most popular products and services.

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5 Benefits of Digital Signs for Your Business

Signage is a vital component of marketing and information sharing. Digital signs are becoming more popular with business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There are plenty of reasons why businesses are moving away from static signs towards animated displays. Bravas offers innovative advanced digital signs for your business. We can help you discover why they’re beneficial to your company and your clients. Below we break down some of the ways your business can utilize digital signs and why you need them.

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Personalized ELAN Smart Home Provides Seamless Control for Honored Wounded Hero

U.S Army Staff Sgt. Lucas David Cifka was on foot patrol in Afghanistan when he stepped on a pressure plate improvised explosive device (IED) that took both of his legs and broke multiple bones. Over thirty surgeries later, Sgt. Cifka decided to settle down in Canyon Lake, Texas with his wife and son. That’s when the Gary Sinise Foundation’s R.I.S.E (Restoring Independence, Supporting Empowerment) program learned of Cifka’s bravery and selected him to receive a fully customized ELAN-controlled smart home.

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The Pros and Cons of Curved Screen TVs

Curved screen TVs are a new and popular trend -- but like most trends, they have both advantages and drawbacks. Curved TVs are made with a gentle curve to their screen, which is designed to make the screen easier to view even when it's quite large. This is the same theory behind IMAX screens and other large movie theater screens.

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How to Create a Stunning Outdoor Theater

Looking for a way to spice up movie night? Try creating an outdoor theater in your backyard. With a little creativity and a little help from Bravas, you can help the whole family enjoy a night under the stars while watching your favorite movies. 

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The Do's and Don'ts of Soundproofing a Home Theater

The first step towards building out the perfect home theater is usually ensuring that it's properly soundproofed. Without proper soundproofing, a home theater will disrupt everyone within your home -- and the outside noises can be disruptive to your entertainment as well. Here are a few important do's and don'ts to follow throughout the process.

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Home Surveillance Systems and Neighbors: How Much Surveillance Is Too Much?

Whether you've had a rash of break-ins in your neighborhood or you just want to boost your personal security, a home surveillance system is an excellent option. But exactly how much surveillance is too much? When placing surveillance around your home, you often need to consider your neighbors as well. There are a few issues that you could potentially run into when developing a security system that could impact other houses. 

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The Benefits of Video Distribution

Video distribution allows a source, such as a cable box, satellite receiver or DVD player to be shared between several displays, and also typically allows for selection of specific sources on specific televisions. Among the most notable benefits of such a configuration is minimizing the quantity of source components. Let’s say you have four TVs in your home, and want to be able to watch Blu-ray movies on all of them – you would need four Blu-ray players. And if you happened to want to watch the same movie in several locations at the same time – well; now you need multiple copies of the movie. Not a very efficient setup...

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Tips for Choosing the Right Conference Room Technology

Modern conference rooms are much more than a room with tables and chairs these days. Companies are digitally connected with their employees, who are subsequently connected to the world at large. The exchange of information is crucial to much of what we do today, and there is no better place to set that precedent than at the corporate functions that educate and acclimate people to these technologies.

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