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Professional Security

Home Security Systems: Wired or Wireless?

When the safety of your home and family are on the line, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice protection for convenience, would you? For millions of Americans who’ve jumped on the trending wireless security camera bandwagon, that may be exactly what’s going on.

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Why to Invest in a Home Security System

To the outsider, or someone who hasn’t grown up with them, the thought of a home security camera may seem a little strange at first. The usefulness of one is obvious, of course—they alert the authorities if there was to be a break-in—but why invest in one? Why spend so much money on preventing something that might not even happen?

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Home Security Tips for Landlords

Below, we take a quick look at rental homes and whether you should secure your home or facility with security cameras. If you have a rental home in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area and need to install cameras around the property, then contact JJ Orion today. We offer complete home and office security camera installation.

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Home Automation & Hackers: Securing Your IoT Network

The Internet of Things (IoT) industry is projected to rake in $20 billion by 2020. According to Gartner, a leading IoT engineering firm, Home and business owners will utilize over 80 billion IoT devices over the next five years. In fact, IoT is so big that entire cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, and San Francisco are rebuilding core infrastructures around IoT automation.

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Five Blind Spots in Your Home Security

Your home might be covered, and your security system might be on point, but blind spots still exist. Today’s home security systems are tight, and they offer highly effective protection. If you’re not covering all areas, however, you’ll still be left unprotected. From lighting control to home security cameras, we’re covering the lesser-known gaps in your household’s security.

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Trusted, Proven Security

Home Security Cameras Deter Thieves

Home security cameras are a proven deterrent to crime. They also provide proof of a crime, proof that a specific person or people committed a crime, and/or proof that self-defense was a necessity if homeowners are attacked in their homes. 

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Sound Masking Provides Privacy for Office Environments

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the introduction of noise, most commonly in work environments, for the purpose of creating a muffled effect for the voices in the room. This allows privacy for work groups while cutting down on audible distractions that interrupt work flow. Sound masking is a proven method for ensuring privacy while reducing distractive noise. 

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