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The Sonance Landscape Series: Enhancing Your Outdoor Audio Experience

Sonance Landscape Series is an outdoor speaker system that produces well-balanced sound throughout your entire landscape. Regardless of how big your yard is, you can experience a high-end system that sounds full and has a solid range of equalization from top to bottom. This is why J.J. Orion chooses the Sonance Landscape Series. We believe that you will be 100% satisfied with your listening experience from the first time you turn them on.

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Personalized ELAN Smart Home Provides Seamless Control for Honored Wounded Hero

U.S Army Staff Sgt. Lucas David Cifka was on foot patrol in Afghanistan when he stepped on a pressure plate improvised explosive device (IED) that took both of his legs and broke multiple bones. Over thirty surgeries later, Sgt. Cifka decided to settle down in Canyon Lake, Texas with his wife and son. That’s when the Gary Sinise Foundation’s R.I.S.E (Restoring Independence, Supporting Empowerment) program learned of Cifka’s bravery and selected him to receive a fully customized ELAN-controlled smart home.

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4 Home Theater Features You Just Can’t Live Without

Modern home theater systems are power-packed with all kinds of cool features and convenient devices that make viewing far more enjoyable. Below are our picks for accessories essentials that you just can’t do without.

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How to Create a Stunning Outdoor Theater

Looking for a way to spice up movie night? Try creating an outdoor theater in your backyard. With a little creativity and a little help from J.J. Orion, you can help the whole family enjoy a night under the stars while watching your favorite movies. 

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Your Viewing Experience on a Large Screen

So you have an amazing home theater receiver, sources and speaker system – is there anything else left to set up? The screen on which all of the awesomeness you watch will be displayed, of course!

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Tips for Choosing the Right Conference Room Technology

Modern conference rooms are much more than a room with tables and chairs these days. Companies are digitally connected with their employees, who are subsequently connected to the world at large. The exchange of information is crucial to much of what we do today, and there is no better place to set that precedent than at the corporate functions that educate and acclimate people to these technologies.

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Why is Using a Central Vacuum System Healthier than Using an Upright?

Studies show that over 20% of the population is affected by allergies or asthma. Irritants can be topical, such as a particular cleanser, internal, such as a certain food product, or airborne, such as pet dander or pollen. Two of these three can be mitigated with specific precautions – if you are allergic to a cleaning product, you use something else. If you are intolerant to peanuts, you avoid foods that contain them. But the airborne variety is quite a bit tougher – you can’t stop breathing! And those who suffer from asthma know all too well that it may not take much to trigger an attack – even common dust can be the antagonist.

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Sony – ONE Company for ALL of your Entertainment Needs!

Godiva Chocolatier specializes in the manufacture of premium chocolates and related items, and is well regarded for its excellence in the confectionary domain. When you think chocolate, you probably think Godiva. Lego is a construction toy that dominates the world of the ‘interlocking brick’, having produced over 600 billion Lego parts as of July, 2015. When you think building toy, you probably think Lego.

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Digital Projection International

When it comes to large format video projection technology, not all products are created equal. There exist massive variances in build quality, performance, features, reliability and cost. Many of these are designed to be scaled to specific applications or end users. For example, a college classroom may require a simple, low cost projector for displaying course material, whereas a medical research facility might need one with the highest possible resolution for detailed analysis of experimental data.

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Denon – Where Quality and Entertainment Become One

Denon is a Japanese electronics company, originally established in 1910 as part of “Nippon Chikuonki Shokai" (Japan Recorders Corporation), a manufacturer of single-sided records and gramophones.  It was involved in the early stages of digital audio technology development, and has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment ever since.

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