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Central Vacuum Systems: The Basics

JJ Orion, a multiservice technology company skilled in home automation, weighs in on central vacuum systems. Are they as beneficial as other home technologies, such as home security cameras?

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Smart Window Shades: Getting Started

Before you purchase your smart window shades, consider factors such as window molding, product integration, natural lighting, and automation. JJ Orion can help you install your smart windows shades for your home or office.

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Smart Lighting Control Tips for Your Home

Smart lighting has several options including one-touch control, light sensors, and fully programmable systems. JJ Orion can help you set up your light control in Minneapolis, MN.

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Crucial Elements in Developing Your Lighting Design

Proper lighting is both a safety issue and an environmental issue whether you need an automated lighting system for your home or your business. In the home, lighting can stimulate a mood or contribute to the overall look and feel of the room design. At work, lighting is essential for productivity and increased visibility to avoid injuries.

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Why You Should Rethink Your Home Security During a Home Remodel

A home renovation increases the amount of traffic you have coming into your home. Whether you are bringing equipment and tools in and out of the house, have to make some quick runs, or you’ve hired a team of professionals to work on your project, your home is vulnerable to theft.

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What Will Smart Homes Look Like in the Future?

At one time, home automation was something you read about in Orwell’s, 1984 or watched in Back to the Future. Yet, we are now living in an age where what was once science fiction is now playing itself out in our very homes.

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Core Principles of Home Network Systems: What You Should Know

How well your wireless network performs could have as much to do with the configuration of your equipment and cables as it does the level of your wireless plan. A logical mapped-out setup can give you a signal, enhance your security, and reduce that annoying buffering while you’re watching your favorite streaming service.

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The Best Home Automation System Features

What automation features are you planning to add to your home this year? Modern systems offer a wide range of features that suit almost any lifestyle or need. You have a lot of options to choose from to tweak your system.

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How to Design an Automated Lighting System

Automated lighting systems provide flexibility, convenience, and absolute lighting control from any location. Therefore, automated lighting design and installation should accommodate those needs in a home or business.

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How Does a Central Vacuum Work, and What are the Benefits?

Standard vacuum cleaners are a headache. You have to change the bag, unwind the cord, pull it out of storage, and try to fit it into tight spaces. The answer is a central vacuum system, which solves all of these dilemmas. A central vacuum will give you all the convenience and flexibility you need when vacuuming the house.

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