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Central Vacuum

Central Vacuum Systems: The Basics

Face it: standard mobile vacuums are the worst. Lugging that thing up and down the stairs of a multi-story home is exhausting, and if you’ve got an especially dirty job, the canister can quickly fill, meaning more trips to the garbage can. If you already have mobility issues, chronic pain, or are a wheelchair user, a standard vacuum system can render itself completely inaccessible, or at the very least exacerbate your preexisting struggles. Too, in a more commercial setting such as a woodshop or an office building, standard vacuums can make cleaning up a nuisance due to their heft, leading to unhappy custodial staff.

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How Does a Central Vacuum Work, and What are the Benefits?

Standard vacuum cleaners are a headache. You have to change the bag, unwind the cord, pull it out of storage, and try to fit it into tight spaces. The answer is a central vacuum system, which solves all of these dilemmas. A central vacuum will give you all the convenience and flexibility you need when vacuuming the house.

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Where Should You Place Your Central Vacuum System?

Few conveniences compare with that of a central vacuum system. Using strategically-placed inlets, these systems make cleaning easier by removing all manner of fine particles from your home’s floor. They then direct exhaust outside your home to keep you from breathing in dangerous dust and allergens. And, as a bonus, they can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to benefit from this powerful and easy-to-use home convenience, you’ll first need to consider where you should install it. To help you make that decision, JJ Orion has put together a short list of considerations for where you should place your central vacuum.

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Is Your Home Ready For a Central Vacuum System?

When cleaning your home, one of the biggest inconveniences is lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room. At JJ Orion, we specialize in whole house vacuum system design and installation in the state of Minnesota. This centralized technology makes cleaning easier and adds convenience to your daily life. Consider the following factors to determine if your home is ready for a central vacuum system.

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How Does a Central Vacuum Work and What are the Benefits

Everybody knows how taxing a standard vacuum cleaner can be. You have to pull the weighty machine out the closet, unroll the chord, find the electrical outlet, and then turn it on...and then hope that nothing gets sucked up. Manufacturers tried to compensate by creating the mobile vacuum packs which are strapped around the shoulders and carried around the house. The only problem was that homeowners quickly discovered how burdensome they were on the back and shoulders. Strike two.

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Facts About the Central Vacuum

What is a Central Vacuum?

Also known as a whole-house vacuum system, a central vacuum is built into the house. The source of power for the system comes from an engine that is usually located in the basement or garage. Instead of pushing the vacuum unit around, operators simply use an outlet in the wall that provides suction and removes dirt and debris to store it in the collection canister.

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How a Whole House Vacuum Can Improve Your Health

If the convenience of a central vacuum is not enough to convince you to have one installed, perhaps you also need to consider the health benefits. In addition to making cleaning easier in general, whole house vacuums also go a long way in improving your and your family's health. Because they simplify the cleaning process, they do a much better job of keeping the air clean, removing all dander and pollens, killing bacteria, and helping you stay stress free.

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Why is Using a Central Vacuum System Healthier than Using an Upright?

Studies show that over 20% of the population is affected by allergies or asthma. Irritants can be topical, such as a particular cleanser, internal, such as a certain food product, or airborne, such as pet dander or pollen. Two of these three can be mitigated with specific precautions – if you are allergic to a cleaning product, you use something else. If you are intolerant to peanuts, you avoid foods that contain them. But the airborne variety is quite a bit tougher – you can’t stop breathing! And those who suffer from asthma know all too well that it may not take much to trigger an attack – even common dust can be the antagonist.

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BEAM – The Best Way To Vacuum!

A central vacuum system is engineered to clean your entire home– efficiently and effectively, without having to haul a portable vacuum cleaner or extension cords around the house.  The average vacuum cleaner can weigh two to three times what a BEAM hose and power head does – which is the only component of the system that you need to handle. Try vacuuming your stairs with a 25 pound Kirby and you will understand the advantage! Also, by removing dirt, dust and allergy causing particles it also cleans the air your family breathes. BEAM power units provide HEPA filtration, capturing fine allergen size dust particles to leave the air fresh and your house clean. Plug the hose into a wall outlet and let the central vacuum do the heavy lifting.

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The MANY Advantages Of A Central Vacuum System

How many of us enjoy vacuuming their home?  Well, whether you do or not, it is still a relatively laborious process, toting around a vacuum cleaner wherever you need to clean. While there are many machines that are light, portable and easy to carry around, our daily lives are filled with many responsibilities, and although generally regarded as necessary, vacuuming is less than thrilling, comparatively speaking. This is when the amenities of a central vacuum system enter into the equation.

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