Curved screen TVs are a new and popular trend -- but like most trends, they have both advantages and drawbacks. Curved TVs are made with a gentle curve to their screen, which is designed to make the screen easier to view even when it's quite large. This is the same theory behind IMAX screens and other large movie theater screens.

Curved TVs Are An Entirely Different Experience

Though the curve of most televisions is subtle, it is designed to enhance the experience of viewing. A curved TV both enhances the viewer's field of view while also wrapping around them. With the right sound system, this draws viewers into the movie better than a totally flat screen television ever could. This is an experience that really has to be firsthand: many viewers report that viewing feels more "real" on a curved TV.

Curved TVs Have Better Images

Curved TVs, in general, have sharper contrast between colors and deeper blacks. Part of this is the way that the image is sent to the viewer's eye: the curvature means the fidelity of the images is enhanced. Curved TVs are also designed to be viewed at a certain viewing angle, which again improves the overall visual experience -- as long as the setup is designed correctly. Overall, this again improves the viewing experience.

Curved TVs Require a Specific Viewing Angle

On the negatives, however, the curvature of a curved TV requires that it be viewed from a specific area. This can be very difficult to achieve in general purpose living rooms, though it's much easier in a specific home entertainment room. For large amounts of guests, not everyone may be able to achieve the best viewing experience -- which is acquired looking at the television head on.

Curved TVs Are Large and Expensive

Finally, on the practical side, curved TVs have to be large in order to be effective. Most curved TVs have t be above 60 inches or more in order to truly get the benefits from their design. This also makes them very expensive, though their cost has gone down in recent years. Because they are so large and expensive, they will often be the focal point to a room -- and to some, they can look a bit strange.

Curved TVs are expensive, so you might want to do your research before you invest. Like many entertainment options, whether it's right for you will come down to personal preference. Regardless, Bravas has access to all the equipment that you need to make your dream entertainment system come true -- whether it's curved or not.

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