The modern home theater is a collection of Bluetooth-enabled gadgets, surround sound speakers, a slew of audio components and structured wiring solutions. Bravas loves presenting today’s hottest options, and we’re here to help you decide on today’s best options. Whether you’re looking for a full-blown home theater experience or a side room entertainment area, you should see 2017’s hottest home audio trends.


Trend One: Sound Bars

Television screens get a lot of attention, but soundbars can’t get enough. It’s easy to overlook their importance—being that they’re small. While your television’s stereo audio is great for watching the evening news, it’d be better with a solid sound bar up front. Soundbars are incredibly popular due to their portability, slim look and overall effectiveness.


Trend Two: All-In-One-Remotes

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have two to three remotes sitting around. All-in-one remotes—also called ultimate remotes—replace all other home entertainment remotes. How are they programmed? We’re glad you asked. They’re formatted, powered and maintained by smartphone technology, so you can customize them at will.


Trend Three: Projectors

Sure, a 4K television will always be a top-dog gadget. We can’t ignore projectors, however, as they’re becoming incredibly popular. They’re portable, and they offer astounding quality. In most cases, homeowners hook them directly into a home audio system. If you want to save space, set up a movie-quality media watching room or simply want something new, consider choosing a projector.


Trend Four: Hi-Res Audio

Hi-Res audio already exists, but it’s getting big this year. More importantly, it’s becoming more affordable. Change up the way you listen to your tunes, and check out a Hi-Res audio solution. Between Ultra HD and Hi-Res audio, you can make a pretty killer home theater setup.


Trend Five: Immersive Audio Headphones

Finally, we feel audio headphones—of all things—deserve an honorable mention. Between the increased demand for high-quality mobile sound and VR’s emergence, it’s no surprise that technology like the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are hitting it off in 2017.


This year is a year of sound. From all angles, home theater upgrades are boosting the listener’s baseline media needs. Between multi-use receivers, soundbars and immersive audio technology, home theater options have never been better. Bravas is proud to represent these options, and we’re ready to help you establish the perfect home theater experience. Between lighting control, automation options and whole home television gadgets, we’re here to help.

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