Your home might be covered, and your security system might be on point, but blind spots still exist. Today’s home security systems are tight, and they offer highly effective protection. If you’re not covering all areas, however, you’ll still be left unprotected. From lighting control to home security cameras, we’re covering the lesser-known gaps in your household’s security.


One: The Garage

Your garage might be a closed area, but it can be surprisingly unprotected. Often, homeowners neglect the garage area, failing to secure 360 degrees of watchfulness. If you’re securing the side yard, the front yard, and the house, don’t forget about the garage. Your garage houses some of your most valuable items—including your car.


Two: Beyond the Pool Area

Again, having a 360-degree panoramic sight helps. Don’t neglect the areas immediately outside your pool’s enclosure, however. If you have bushes, trees or hardscape just beyond your pool screen’s border, you might be creating gaps in your security system’s vision. It’s a good idea to install motion-detector lights outside, and it’s a good idea to stay updated about each year’s newest security options.


Three: Your Camera, Itself

That’s right: Your camera is open to vandalism. Make sure your camera is out of reach, and make sure you’re not leaving blank spots directly below it. If your cameras need to be in an accessible location, invest in vandal-proof products. Some cameras have theft and damage protection, making them immune to dirty tactics.


Four: Your Schedule

A surprising number of homes are susceptible to theft due to blind spots in a homeowner’s schedule. You can circumnavigate this by investing in a security app. Customize your app’s options, and have it alert you if your home’s motion detection sensors are tripped. You needn’t be at home to get alerts, so make sure your household gets the comprehensive, day-to-day protection it deserves.


Five: Your Driveway

Because security camera effectiveness is determined by predictable environments, unpredictable environments—like driveways—are often unprotected. Make sure your driveways cars are arranged properly, and keep things as visible as possible.


Focus on your home’s many locations, and take care in securing any blind spots. Believe us: Burglars are smart. They’re highly capable, and they can tell when a yard isn’t covered completely. Eliminate blind spots where possible, and strategize your home’s security network.

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