The Sonance Landscape Series is known as the outdoor speaker system that you need to get your hands on for this summer. Between the unbelievable sound quality and even coverage throughout any sized area, you deserve to know what you're missing out on when it comes to this dynamic speaker system. So given the wide range of perks, we're going to touch on the most impressive Sonance Landscape Series factors that make this stereo system a necessity for your backyard.


●      Fenced-In Sound - The Sonance Landscape Series offers enough satellite subwoofers and speakers to encompass the entire perimeter of your property and provide a perfect sound blanket for your backyard. The sound will not only be directed toward the areas of listening, but the sound will not spill over and disturb your neighbors.

●      Hi-Fi Quality - Whether you want ambient noise in the background or a full rock concert in the privacy of your backyard, the Sonance Landscape Series has you covered. The Sonance Landscape Series comes with three different models that can suit any volume or space you need for entertaining.

●      Subwoofer Power - The Sonance Landscape Series offers powerful 12-inch and 10-inch below-ground subwoofers that provide a powerful and smooth bass response throughout your backyard.

●      Durability - Being built for the outdoors, the Sonance Landscape Series speakers are constructed from a composite that isn't going to flake or corrode over time. So regardless if it's exposed to severe weather or takes a few blows from garden tools, the Sonance Landscape Series speakers can offer entertainment for years to come.

●      Out of Sight - The Sonance Landscape Series speakers offer below-ground subwoofers and dark brown speaker's, meaning that your speakers and subwoofers won't become an eyesore in your yard. Whether hidden in the bushes or tucked away under a chair, the Sonance Landscape Series speakers won't become a negative topic of discussion as you listen to music in your backyard.


Considering the perks above, it's important that you can find a home system provider to make the Sonance Landscape Series speakers available to you and your backyard. Thankfully, Bravas can help you get the most out of a Sonance Landscape Series speaker experience. Contact us today at 651-641-1376 for more information to make your backyard a dazzling destination for years to come.

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