Think of where you would be without being able to push a couple of buttons and set the timer on your coffee machine that percolates your favorite cup of Joe like clockwork every single morning - probably still in bed. And, as dependent as you are on that simple device to get you going, just think about how convenient your life will be when every device in your home is fully automated. Make no mistake, those days are coming; and, in many ways, they’re already here.


Bravas installs a wide range of home automation devices in homes across Vadnais Heights and the surrounding Minnesota area every single day. We have seen firsthand how automation has changed homeowners’ lives.



Few things are as satisfying as saving time and effort to do the same thing that used to take you twice as long. Home automation from Bravas is specifically engineered to make your family’s life easier. By installing systems such as integrated audio, video, and lighting systems, it allows you to control everything at the push of button. You can customize the settings on your devices to operate however you want them whenever you want them.


Security for Your Home

Never before has home security been more important than it is now. Bravas offers the most advanced automated wired security systems in the industry. Our systems can be controlled from your smartphone, computer, or tablet no matter where you are. You can also monitor activity in your home right on your phone. This gives you ultimate security inside the house and far away!


Save Money

Would like to put a little extra cash back into your pocket each month? Automation allows you to program all types of devices such as lighting systems, thermostat, entertainment components, and even sprinkler systems! By fully automating all of these major home systems, you can control when they turn on and off. This prohibits them from operating when you don’t need them. You’ll save money in the long run.


Centralize Structured Wiring

You may be asking yourself, With all these devices, how can I keep up with all the controls? Bravas offers structured wiring, which solves this dilemma by connecting all your system into a centralized location or remote. In most homes, a single panel can govern all the automated activity. You’ll also have the option of centralizing all controls through your smartphone.


Make Your LIfe Easier with Bravas Home Automation

Are you ready to take your home automation to the next level? Then contact Bravas. We offer a wide array of products and services for both home and business owners in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota. We can customize your home security, heating and cooling, lighting, and entertainment systems just the way you like it! Call us at 651-641-1376 and let us help you get started today!

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