Everybody knows how taxing a standard vacuum cleaner can be. You have to pull the weighty machine out the closet, unroll the chord, find the electrical outlet, and then turn it on...and then hope that nothing gets sucked up. Manufacturers tried to compensate by creating the mobile vacuum packs which are strapped around the shoulders and carried around the house. The only problem was that homeowners quickly discovered how burdensome they were on the back and shoulders. Strike two.


Central Vacuum Systems Are the Answer

All of these problems turned vacuuming your home into public enemy #1. The solution was creating a centralized vacuuming system that could be accessed via a lightweight, sturdy hose. Several access points could be implemented throughout the home and voila! All the problems were solved. For this reason, Bravas offers the whole home central vacuum. This innovative technology eliminates all the hassles that are common with the stand-alone unit including the fatigue of operating it.


How Does a Centralized Vacuum System Work?

Bravas technicians inspect your home’s floor plan to determine where to install the main unit, which is mounted and remains stationary. The unit creates the same type of suction as a conventional vacuum cleaner only with a more powerful motor. One we establish the location of the unit, then we attach a network of inlets to the main unit and place the openings throughout the home.


This network gives the user reachability to the entire floor in every room. The user simply has to plug in an extended hose into an inlet, turn the system on from the hose handle, and vacuuming begins. No matter where you are in the house, you can vacuum effectively suck up all the dirt on the floor.


What are the Benefits of a Whole House Vacuum System?

There are several distinct advantages to hiring a J.J. technician to install a centralized vacuum system in your home.


●        No more vacuum dust contaminating the house or nasty odors

●        Save your back and shoulders. Get rid of that old heavy vacuum

●        Improved suction power from a larger unit

●        Less noise in the house

●        Easier to clean and empty

Bravas Can Install Your Central Vacuum System

If you want to experience what a whole home vacuum system can do for you and your family, then contact Bravas today. Our highly trained technicians can install entire system from start to finish and have your vacuum up and running in no time. Call us today at 651-641-1376. We proudly service home and business owners in Vadnais Heights, Edina, and the surrounding East Central Minnesota area 

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