Modern home theater systems are power-packed with all kinds of cool features and convenient devices that make viewing far more enjoyable. Below are our picks for accessories essentials that you just can’t do without.


Plug-and-Play Video Processor

While there are all kinds of gadgets that want to increase TV resolution, kill background noise, or smooth out the motion response, a video processor improves the depth information in the image by enhancing the features your television already provides. We’ve noticed that by using a processor you can improve brightness, fine-tune the sharpness, and presents an image that has more texture, range, and depth no matter how close or far away you’re sitting. We highly recommend a processor if you wanting a truly remarkable theater experience.


Moveable, Pull Out TV Mount

We’ve noticed that most homes do not have ideal environments for home theaters. This means that some adjusting needs to be done. But rather than change the room a round, install a moveable mount on the wall and attach it to the TV. This allows you to place the television wherever you want to and position it so that everybody in the room can enjoy viewing it. We can add a sturdy and flexible TV mount to your model no matter how large or small it is.


Wireless Subwoofer Kit

What really distinguishes a home theater system from any basic (and less satisfying) setup is the sound. And nothing embellishes the thundering roar popping out of the screen like a subwoofer kit. We recommend going wireless. Once we configure the system, then you can place the wireless speakers wherever you want them. This allows you to decide how much low boom you want in the room and how close you want it to you ears. A high-end subwoofer will come complete with full equalization and lots of settings. We can help find that ‘sweet spot’ in the low-end range.


A Power Management

Unless we install a completely wireless system in your home, you can count on power chords winding around behind the entertainment center. With power chords come surge protectors and other device designed to channel all that power into the wall. The solution? Let us install a centralized power management system can both accommodate the chords as well as coaxial and ethernet cables. All of your power goes into one device that can manage voltage levels, and eliminate power interference that usually comes with electrical current flowing in various directions.


Bravas Can Help You Build the Perfect Home Theater System

The team at Bravas can help you build a home theater system that is perfect for your viewing habits and preferences. Our technicians are highly-trained and skilled in all types and brands of home theater. Call us today at 651-641-1376 and let us help you get your system going in no time at all.  

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