Sonance Landscape Series is an outdoor speaker system that produces well-balanced sound throughout your entire landscape. Regardless of how big your yard is, you can experience a high-end system that sounds full and has a solid range of equalization from top to bottom. This is why Bravas chooses the Sonance Landscape Series. We believe that you will be 100% satisfied with your listening experience from the first time you turn them on.


The Only Not Hidden is the Sound

We love the Sonance Landscape speakers because they are easy to hide throughout your yard. They can be strategically placed in between plants, trees, bushes, and other items. With Sonance, however, you don’t have to sacrifice quality of sound for landscape design. No matter where you place them, they will produce a sound that everyone can enjoy. Tell us what type of yard you have and how big it is, and we can help you put your entire system together.


Satellite Speakers

One of the best features of Sonance Landscape Series speakers is that you don’t have to install wires throughout your entire yard. Our speakers have a satellite connection that links up with any smart device or wireless stereo system in your home. The makes the job of installing the speakers that much easier. Anytime you want to move the speakers, simply pull them out of the ground and relocate them.


Good Enough for the Neighbors

With Sonance speakers, you never have to worry about annoying your neighbors. The system features directional speakers that can be strategically positioned to contain the sound within your yard. The soft blend of EQ accompanied by subwoofers makes the music a delight to listen to without bothering the neighbors around you. You and your family, friends, or other guests can enjoy the music of your choice, and you’ll never wake up the neighborhood.


Enjoy your Sonance Landscape Speakers

At Bravas, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality audio products around. That is why we recommend Sonance Landscape Speakers. Home and business owners across Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota have experienced how amazing these speakers work. We think you’ll love them as well. Call us today at 651-641-1376 to find out more about Sonance speakers systems. You’ll be glad you did!

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