Once a Bravas technician installs your outdoor audio speaker system, you’ll love how full and spread out it sounds in your yard. Although our speakers are designed to withstand the outdoor elements, winters are a bit extreme in Minnesota. When the temperatures drop during the cold season, you can take some measures to protect your speakers so that they’ll stay in excellent condition year after year. Below are some tips for helping you to take care of your outdoor speakers.


What to Do in Freezing Weather with Precipitation

Your Bravas speaker system can handle freezing temperatures. If it begins to snow or sleet outside, you may want to consider covering them up with a waterproof bag or something that can keep the snow off the units. We recommend that you protect the speakers from ice. If the ice completely covers up the speaker, it could harm the outer shell or inner wiring.


Sub-Zero Temperatures

Even the most well-built electronics have a difficult time surviving sub-zero temperatures. If it gets that cold outside, you should remove the speakers and bring them inside. Prolonged exposure to extreme cold could weaken or damage the speakers. If you don’t plan to use them in the winter time, you should store them in a safe place throughout the season. If you prefer to store them, we can help you remove them from the system, if necessary.


Do Not Use Your System in the Winter

The components inside your outdoor speaker can become brittle during the winter. If you use the speakers and turn the sound up, it could damage the parts. You should never use the speakers in below-freezing weather. Ideally, you should minimize use below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice any damage to the speakers, we should repair them or replace them right away. Delaying repairs could make them worse.


What About the Subs

The Sonance Landscape Series Subwoofers are installed below the ground so that you can get a full bass sound without actually seeing the units. Because we bury them underground, they are not exposed to the snow, ice, high winds, or freezing temperatures. The subwoofers are incredibly durable, so you should never have to worry about covering or protecting them. If you decide you want to protect them, you should cover them with a weather-proof tarp or hard plastic.

Bravas Custom Installs Outdoor Speaker Systems

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this holiday season, then check out the Sonance Landscape Series outdoor audio system from Bravas. We can customize your system to your landscape and install it to your exact specifications. To find out more about our outdoor speakers, contact us at 651-641-1376, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide home automation systems for property owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

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