Airbnb is still a relatively new concept. Although many people have heard about it, they know little about what Airbnb is and how it benefits travelers. Below we take a quick look at Airbnb and whether or not you should secure your home or facility with security cameras. If you have an Airbnb in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area and need to install cameras around the property, then contact Bravas today. We offer complete home and office security camera installation.


What is Airbnb?

Based in the US, Airbnb provides a platform for people who want to rent out their homes, businesses, condos or other facilities for an abbreviated period. Facilities also include holiday cottages, apartments, homestays, hostels, or even single rooms with a bed. This platform provides more options for travelers and, in many cases, lower prices for lodging. It also gives property owners and travelers direct access to one another through the Airbnb site.


Airbnb Security Equipment Rules & Regulations

According to Airbnb, If you’re a host and you have any surveillance device in or around a listing, even if it’s not turned on or hooked up, they require that you indicate its presence in your House Rules (rules you create when you go online and sign up to host). They also require you to disclose if you are actively recording activity in or around the property. If a host discloses the device after booking, Airbnb will allow the guest to cancel the reservation and receive a refund. Host cancellation penalties may apply.


Should We Install a Surveillance Device at Your Airbnb?

The short answer is, “Yes.” The question is where we should install the devices. Our primary recommendation is that we connect devices to the outside of the property. Locations you should consider are all the entryways that lead in and out of the building. From there you may want to look at rooms that do not allow access or public rooms where lots of people will be gathering. We recommend that you avoid placing them in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, or kitchens - basically, anywhere that would be considered a private area.


Professional Security Camera Installation in Minneapolis

Bravas specializes in security camera installation for both residential and commercial properties in the Twin Cities Metro area as well as Edina, Minnesota. If you have an Airbnb but are concerned about security, we can custom install home security cameras anywhere you want them. Our products are reliable, easy to install and have lots of features. To schedule an installation or find out more about our camera, contact us today at 651-641-1376, or you can message us on our contact page.

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