When cleaning your home, one of the biggest inconveniences is lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner from room to room. At Bravas, we specialize in whole house vacuum system design and installation in the state of Minnesota. This centralized technology makes cleaning easier and adds convenience to your daily life. Consider the following factors to determine if your home is ready for a central vacuum system.


What Is A Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system consists of a series of openings in your walls connected to tubing that runs to a central receptacle. A single vacuum head and hose can be moved from room to room without the need for an electrical outlet or cord. Automatic dustpans are also part of the system, which allows you to sweep dirt and debris directly into a fixture on the floor that sucks it away. Simply plug the hose into a wall inlet and vacuum away, or sweep up messes easily into a floor inlet.


Centralized Power & Containment

This home automation system gives your property a single container for storing dust and dirt located in a remote location. The receptacle is most often placed in a garage or basement connected to your primary power source. A central vacuum eliminates the need for you to have multiple vacuum cleaners or attachments to clean all areas of your home. It also provides the ease of cleaning everywhere regardless of power outlet availability.


Cleaning Convenience For the Smart Home

A must-have for the modern home, a centralized vacuum system provides unbelievable convenience. Having inlets in each room and a single vacuum head and hose lets you clean easily. These components eliminate the hassle of carrying a heavy vacuum around your house and having to search for power outlets in every room. The hoses are lightweight and flexible. The system is activated automatically when you connect the hose or activate the dustpan inlets with your foot. 


Cleaner Environment

Whole house vacuum systems are much more powerful than your standard upright unit. This allows more dirt to be eliminated from your home and stored far from you and your family. Centralized containment also eliminates the spreading of accumulated dirt from emptying vacuum cleaners and dustpans. The central vacuum helps reduce dust and allergens, providing an overall cleaner and healthier space.


Whole House Vacuum Systems in Minnesota

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