Spring ahead and revamp the curb appeal of your property. Bravas is a Minnesota-based home automation company. We provide lighting control, design ideas, and advanced technology to help you with custom home upgrades. Let our professionals give your home’s exterior illumination a fresh upgrade. Let’s find out more about revitalizing your outdoor landscape lighting for spring.


Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Lighting technology has changed significantly in the last 20 years. Fixtures available today are more compact and are offered in a variety of materials. Modern lighting fixtures are also more durable and aesthetically pleasing. For those who live in a variable climate zone, this means repairs are needed less often as the lighting will withstand more environmental impacts. You will want to choose fixtures that will withstand the moisture and temperature changes seasons bring.


LED or Incandescent Lighting

When selecting the type of lightbulb, it’s important to consider style, cost, energy, and longevity of the bulbs. Incandescent lighting is becoming antiquated in favor of more energy-efficient LED lamps. Incandescent light bulbs transform almost all of their energy into heat as opposed to LED lights that use a fraction of the energy. This translates into lower electrical costs and better energy conservation. LED lights not only have a wider color palette, but they last for many years and only need replacing in the rare event they fail.


Power Options For Landscape Lighting

When deciding on a power source for your outdoor lights, you typically have three options to choose from. Solar powered lights eliminate wires and electric costs, however, they must be installed where they can receive an average of seven hours of sunlight. Line voltage power uses your home’s 120-volt power requiring conduit to cover the electrical wires running to the box. Low voltage lighting is easy to install and energy efficient at 12 volts. A transformer and low voltage cables are required for this option.


Home Lighting Control System Benefits

Save time and money by installing a home lighting control system, and choose smart controls that allow complete customization. Integrated timers let you decide when you want your lights to automatically turn on and off. Opt for sensors to turn lights on depending on when people arrive or leave. Automation of your lighting system provides an additional layer of safety, security, and convenience.


Reasons To Upgrade Your Lighting

Increasing the curb appeal of your home is a major factor for choosing to update outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting upgrades can illuminate your drive or walkway and highlight the architecture of your home. Beyond looks, new lighting can provide additional safety functions and save you money on energy and maintenance costs. A new lighting scheme will give your home increased value and style.


Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting In Minnesota

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