Few conveniences compare with that of a central vacuum system. Using strategically-placed inlets, these systems make cleaning easier by removing all manner of fine particles from your home’s floor. They then direct exhaust outside your home to keep you from breathing in dangerous dust and allergens. And, as a bonus, they can increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars. If you’re looking to benefit from this powerful and easy-to-use home convenience, you’ll first need to consider where you should install it. To help you make that decision,  Bravas has put together a short list of considerations for where you should place your central vacuum.


Number of Inlets

One of the most important things to consider when installing a central vacuum system is the number of inlets you’ll need and where you’d like to place them. Large pieces of furniture can present an obstacle for the vacuum hose, so you’ll need to take that into account when installing inlets. One thing to consider: the more inlets you install, the higher the likelihood of air leaks. Leaks can decrease your system’s suction power, so you’ll want to plan for the most efficient system and strategically place your inlets.


Canister Placement

Many central vacuum systems include the canister and the motor as one unit. When determining where to place this unit, you’ll need to keep in mind the amount of noise the canister generates. Most motors emit substantial noise, so placing them in your basement or garage is recommended. When you empty your canister, you’ll want any dirt and dust to remain outside your home, so the garage is truly an ideal location. Should you choose to place the canister in your garage, you can also install inlets that allow you to vacuum your vehicles using the system.


Exhaust Placement

Your exhaust should run outside the home to prevent re-entry of any fine particles. To easily route the exhaust line outdoors, you should place your canister near an exterior wall. Not all systems require an outdoor exhaust, but you’ll minimize dust by choosing such an option. Keep in mind that your system will require adequate ventilation to operate properly, so you’ll want to avoid placing the canister and exhaust in a tight area.


Home Automation from Bravas

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