Setting up an AV system in a large auditorium can be challenging. You want to avoid having areas where you cannot hear, or areas where the system is overwhelmingly loud. Being knowledgeable about how to set up a commercial AV system in a large auditorium can make the difference between success and failure for your event. Bravas discusses the common AV sound issues encountered in large auditoriums.


Common AV Sound Issues in Large Auditoriums

In a large auditorium, you want everyone to be able to hear you without being overwhelmed by loud volume. The purpose is to project the sound and give performers/speakers the ability to communicate and monitor their sound level. In our years of setting up AV systems and correcting problems on systems, we have seen common issues. Here are some of the issues and our suggestions to combat those problems:


Misplaced Speakers. Performers and orators stand on a stage and speak into a microphone. As an audience member, you expect the sound to come from in front of you when you are facing the performer. We have seen commercial AV systems set up in such a way that the speakers actually faced the stage from the rear of the auditorium, making the sound appear from behind the audience! In long buildings where you place the stage on one end of the hall, you can use intermediate speakers, but always face them away from the stage!


Soundboard Misplacement. No one wants to impede the view of the stage with a soundboard setup, but it is critical that the soundman be able to hear the performers as an audience member would. In a large commercial AV auditorium setup, it is important to center the soundboard to the stage approximately 50% of the way back in the audience. Another common sound issue is to place the soundboard behind glass. The glass impedes the sound for the soundman and limits his/her ability to adjust the board for the needs of the audience.


Feedback. Feedback occurs when the sound from the microphone bounces around the room and goes back into the microphone. You know this is happening when you hear that awful feedback buzz. To avoid feedback or correct it when it happens in your commercial AV setup, try the following:


●        Reduce the distance between source and microphone.

●        Increase the distance between microphone and speakers

●        Check for open microphones not in use.

●        Opt for directional microphones.

●        Check for sound reflective items near microphones.

●        Adjust equalizers to reduce system gain.


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