Smart homes are becoming more and more prevalent in the mainstream market. The technology used in smart homes along with the IoT (Internet of Things) provides for full connectivity of just about any device in your home. From security systems to refrigerators that text you when you need groceries, smart home technologies are improving at a fast pace. Bravas discusses what we can expect in home automation by the year 2020.


Smart Homes are no Longer Science Fiction

Smart home technologies are now part of just about every home. Gone are the days of a connected home that you speak to being the fodder of science fiction. Programmable smart thermostats and internet connected voice-activated personal assistants are commonplace. The technology is expanding rapidly, and in just a couple of years, will radically change the way we will look at our homes.


Home Automation in 2020

With an eye to the future, we look to what home automation will be by 2020. Here are some of the technologies on the horizon:


Voice Operated Devices. The number of voice operated devices will grow exponentially by the year 2020. The user experience will become more conversational and intuitive and use artificial intelligence systems to learn the user’s behavior and likes. You may now use these devices to listen to music or set alarms. The technology will expand to being able to control other devices in your home that may or may not be “smart” devices.


Robots. Floor cleaning housekeeping robots are available but are now only found in one in 30 households in America. This technology will expand and become more widely available and commonplace in the coming years. Other robotic household cleaning devices as well as yardwork robots are on the horizon and will begin to appear on the widespread market soon.


Smart Appliances. When the smart refrigerator first came to the market, its price tag of just over $10,000 put it out of the reach for most consumers. As technologies advance, prices will fall and make this more affordable for the American household. On a smaller scale, look forward to your coffee pot syncing with your phone alarm to start brewing when you stop hitting your snooze alarm! By 2020, you should be able to monitor that roast in the oven while sitting at baseball practice with a built-in oven camera.


Technology You Wear. For several years, wearable smartwatches have been available but priced at a point where most consumers chose not to implement the technology. Going forward, this technology will have a lower price point and more advantages. You could enjoy things from your wearable technology like automatically unlocking your doors, and communicating your arrival to your thermostat to adjust temperatures.


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