As you invest in outdoor speakers systems this summer, you’ll want to consider speaker size, design, weather-resistance, and of course quality sound. Today’s outdoor systems offer high-performance output and stylish designs that will match your landscape.


Below are # items to consider when investing in outdoor speaker systems. If you have any further questions, contact Bravas today. We offer quality outdoor speakers.


1.      How Big of an Area do You Want to Cover?


One of your first considerations is the scalability of your system. How big of an area do want to cover? Since volume control makes it impossible to get speakers that are intrinsically too loud, it is possible to get speakers that are too small and don’t cover your area.


Ideally, you want to create a focal point for the speakers. If your swimming pool is the area where your friends or family spend the most time during the summer, then place the speakers around the pool. If you prefer the patio, however, then create a perimeter around the patio.


The size and location of the area will determine the number of speakers you purchase and how powerful you want them to be.


2.      Landscape and Environment


Outdoor speakers are reinforced with casing that can handle the rugged outdoors. They are engineered to withstand snow, rain, high winds, UV rays, and inclement weather. You can also place them on stands, in rocks, or hanging from trees.


When choosing speakers, first decide what environment you’ll place them, and then purchase appropriate speakers for that environment. When you visit Bravas, inform one of our technicians where you will be placing the speakers. He or she can help you make the right choice.


3.      Go With Wireless Outdoor Speakers


There really isn’t a good reason to purchase a wired outdoor speaker system. Your best option is to invest in wireless speakers. Products such as Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) outdoor speakers give you the flexibility of relocating your speakers whenever you want. You can play your music via satellite, so you never have to worry about getting a strong signal. If you decide that you want to rearrange your speakers, you have the freedom to do so without configuring the wiring.


4.      Get a Subwoofer


Even if you don’t know what bass is, technically speaking, you definitely feel it’s presence. Thus, one of the most common issues with outdoor speakers is that they produce a thin sound.


Subwoofers solve this problem. No matter where you place your speakers, you can position the subwoofer where you want so that you can get a full sound with plenty of bass. Today’s subwoofers come with settings so that you can adjust the amount of bass you want. Without a subwoofer, your outdoor system will sound like a 70s’ portable radio.


Sonance outdoor speakers offer subwoofers that you can place underground without losing the intensity of the bass.


5.      Place Your Speakers in Safe Places


Outdoor speakers are made to go anywhere. Most homeowners like to install their speakers on the ground. If you decide to install your speakers in the ground make sure you place them in an area that is out of harm’s way.


Try to place them in secluded areas where there is little activity. Keep them away from mowers, pets, and children. Also, make sure you secure them to the ground so that they are immovable in poor weather conditions.


Outdoor Speakers From Bravas


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