Standard vacuum cleaners are a headache. You have to change the bag, unwind the cord, pull it out of storage, and try to fit it into tight spaces. The answer is a central vacuum system, which solves all of these dilemmas. A central vacuum will give you all the convenience and flexibility you need when vacuuming the house.


Bravas offers custom central vacuum systems in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can install a unit and a central area in your home and provide all the tools and supplies you need to vacuum your home more efficiently.


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Central Vacuum Systems Are the Answer

You can access a centralized vacuuming system by using a lightweight, sturdy hose that extends throughout your house. Multiple access points are installed throughout the home so that you don’t have to pull the hose throughout the house from a single location. This innovative technology eliminates all the hassles that are common with the stand-alone units including the fatigue that comes with operating it.

How Does a Centralized Vacuum System Work?

Bravas technicians inspect your home’s floor plan to determine where to install the main unit, which is mounted and remains stationary. The unit creates the same type of suction as a conventional vacuum cleaner only with a more powerful motor. Once you decide where you want to install the main unit, we connect inlets to the unit and place the openings in different areas around the house.


You will be able to vacuum the floor in any room or area. You plug the hose into an inlet, turn the system on from the hose handle, and begin vacuuming instantly. No matter where you are in the house, the unit will provide more than enough suction for you to do the job well.

Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

There are several advantages to having a central vacuum system installed in your home:


●        A central vacuum system eliminates air contamination and reduces the amount of dust that fills up  your home

●        Using a central system is less physically taxing than using a standard unit. You will have to push, pull, or carry a heavy vacuum.

●        The sizable central unit provides far more suction than a stand-up vacuum. You can also adjust the suction to accommodate any type of flooring.

●        The unit is hidden in an area where you can’t hear it. Therefore, there is less irritating noise. Your family will appreciate a quiet vacuum. w

●        The main unit is easier to clean and empty than a regular vac.

Bravas Can Install Your Central Vacuum System

If you want to experience what a whole home vacuum system can do for you and your family, then contact Bravas today. Our trained technicians can install a custom centralized system that is designed for your home.


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