Office spaces usually contain one of two noise dynamics. They are too loud, or they are too soft. If a work area is too loud, noise can distract employees and affect their productivity. If the sound is too low, workers can hear confidential conversations over long distances.


Sound masking offers a solution for one or both settings within the same office. Below, we cover the features of sound masking and why you need it for your company. If you have any further questions or would like to speak to a Bravas technician about installing a sound masking system in your office, call us at 651-641-1376.

How Sound Masking Works

Sound masking systems emit a soft, unnoticeable background sound with the use of a loudspeaker system. The ambient sound level becomes uniform. The sound masking muffles noisy distractions.


Sound masking makes undesirable conversations and other noise distractions less audible. The result: Employees are less distracted, they can concentrate better, and their productivity improves significantly

Adaptive Volume Control

Adaptive volume control allows you to match the volume of the ambient noise with the environment dynamics. Here’s an example:


Your office is quiet in the morning, but as the day moves on, the sound progressively gets louder. The adaptive control senses the office noise and raises or lowers the background noise accordingly. You can either automate the volume control or fully program it according to the office noise patterns.


The employees will notice the difference in the background noise because it becomes louder or quieter as the dynamic changes in the work area.

Room Acoustic Adjustment

We’ve all heard the term ‘acoustic’ as it applies to a room sound. However, you may not know how acoustics affects a room's overall sound. Here’s another example:

You are in a room with concrete floors and metal desks. If you walk into the room and clap your hands, you’ll hear loud, quick echoes. If you walk into a room filled with carpet and wood furniture and clap your hands, you may still hear a slight echo, but it quickly disappears, and it will sound muffled.


The difference in the two rooms is what items they contain. Concrete will reflect sound, while carpet will absorb it.


Sound masking can optimize the room’s acoustics and match it correctly so that it doesn’t sound out of place or bounce off the walls. A sound masking system gives you full control of the sound, acoustics, and dynamics of the system in the following ways:


●        The level of disturbing noise controls the masking volume.

●        Sound level sensors measure the disturbing noise.

●        You can automatically or manually adjust the masking sound levels.

●        You can adjust different rates in different zones throughout the building.

Automatic Equalization

In addition to room acoustics and noise volume, you can set the sound masking system to either counter or match the sound equalization in the room. A sound masking system can produce excellent masking sound for all workspace characteristics.


Parameters such as size, type of ceiling, wall coverings, and furnishings have a direct influence on the projection of sound masking. If the masking system is not calibrated correctly to the specific conditions of the room, it becomes ineffective and irritating.


The automatic equalization feature helps the system adapt to characteristics that are specific to each work environment. It automatically calculates the noise spectrum that it produces to project non-disruptive masking noise.

Improved Employee Productivity

Sound masking makes undesirable conversations and other noise distractions less audible. Employees are less distracted, they can concentrate better, and their productivity rises measurably!


Sound masking systems allow you to evaluate how office noise is affecting your team’s productivity and how the system improves productivity. You get a healthy ROI on your investment.

Sound Masking Solutions in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bravas offers complete sound masking design and installation for businesses in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can help you create a more productive environment in your office by reducing the distraction of office noise.


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