What automation features are you planning to add to your home this year? Modern systems offer a wide range of features that suit almost any lifestyle or need. You have a lot of options to choose from to tweak your system.


Need some ideas? Here are the basics about home automation for wireless home security and other home systems:


●        Customized Control Panel

General home automation can be set up with an alarm system’s wall-based control panel; top home security systems have touchscreen panels that run apps for smart home features as well as for security. Home automation can also be monitored and controlled remotely.


●        Total Remote Access

Mobile monitoring and control are included with home automation from home security companies. Use a mobile app or desktop computer to arm/disarm your alarm system, dim the lights, turn off your coffee pot, and more.


●        Modern Voice Recognition

Select security companies support biometric voice recognition. Easily set up programs that let you simply speak to control lights, locks, your garage door, the thermostat, appliances, and more. Some systems can integrate Bluetooth music devices.


●        Fine-Tune Your Arm/Disarm Security

The ability to remotely arm your system is a great benefit of home automation. Save time driving home to check on the system. Remotely verify that you activated your alarm, and if you forgot, just set it with your mobile app.


●        Remote Control Door Locks

Sometimes you need to let a visitor inside but you can’t get to the door. Home automation lets you unlock doors with your mobile app, then lock the doors again for security.


●        Garage Door Apps

Just like other doors on your home, the garage door can be monitored and controlled with home automation. If you ever drive away and then worry that your garage door was left open, simply check your mobile app and remotely close the door if needed.


●        The Right Heat/AC Temperature

A key benefit of home automation is temperature control at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. Smart thermostats can ensure that your home feels comfortable when you’re around and that it doesn’t waste energy when you’re away.


●        Programmable Home Appliances

Automate home appliances such as music players, coffeemakers, and heated towel racks. Top home automation packages give you endless options by allowing control over individual electrical outlets.


●        Whole House Light Automation

Adjust a whole set of lights with the press of a button. This convenience can help lower your electricity bills, plus it lets you get creative. Automate lighting for specific events such as night time parties, for example, or to let children know that bedtime is near.

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