If the video screen sitting in front of you is the essential component in your custom home theater, the seats are a close second. Bravas provides high-end lush theater seats that are as functional as they are comfortable. When it comes to implementing a seating system in your room, we’ve thought of everything. Therefore, if you’re looking for seats that will enhance your viewing experience, we suggest that you consider the following when purchasing your theater furniture.

1. Positioning

Theater seating is all about positioning. In your case, you don’t have to worry about 300 people fill up a room, but, instead three to ten. Therefore you have more flexibility in how you position your seats. A functional chair will give you plenty of options for viewing the screen. You can fine-tune your position to maximize your comfort. You choose furniture that gives you ultimate back, shoulder and head support.

2. Ultra-Comfort

We offer high-quality leather home loungers that are both durable and comfortable. We can also install a home theater sofa or sectional so that you and your guests can sit together during the movie. If you want a custom seat, we can order any chair for body type or size including children. Keep in mind, that the reason we offer custom seating because everybody has a different preference when it comes to comfort.

3. Materials

Extended research has shown that leather is hands down the most comfortable seating material in the industry. Therefore, we suggest that you add leather to your seats. When it comes to leather, do not buy cheap. After all, children will be sitting in the seats. We offer furniture that comes with ultra-sturdy leather that is durable, easy to clean, and attractive. You and your guests will love the way it feels.

4. Accessories

No theater chair is complete without a few accessories. Bravas can equip your chair a variety of accessories. Lighted cup holders, large armrests, and power recliners are a few of the options that we can attach to your seat. If you’re a sports fan, then ask us about custom team logos and other designs that we can add to your furniture or accessories. No matter what you’re looking for to add to your seats, you can get it with Bravas. Our home theater experts can customize your theater precisely the way you want it.

Bravas Provides You with Home Theater Comfort

If comfort is what you want, Bravas can deliver. We provide a wide range of products and features that will match your current home interior. From whole home AV and security to automation, lighting control, home theater, we have the most advanced technology on the market today. We provide installation service for homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To find out more, contact us at 651-641-1376, or you can message us on our contact page. You can also stop by our Minneapolis location.

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