Paradigm - definition:  an example serving as a model; pattern.  


Since its inception in 1982, Paradigm loudspeakers have been designed, engineered, and built from the ground up in the company’s headquarters just outside Toronto, Canada. Epitomizing ultimate quality and innovation, across multiple markets and categories, Paradigm speakers – as their name suggests – have set the standard for high performance and acoustic integrity in audio reproduction.  From two channel analog listening to multi-channel, digital cinema – every speaker achieves a singular goal – perfect sound.


For over 30 years, Paradigm has refined loudspeaker design and manufacturing operations. Their new Prestige Series is a culmination of this history, combining new technologies with state-of-the-art engineering for nothing less than astonishing results.  If you have not heard a home theater equipped with a full dose of Paradigm’s Prestige speakers, you can safely say you have not really heard what home theater can do!


Beginning with a set of Prestige 95F floor standing front speakers, you will experience a dramatic acoustic performance derived from three woofers operating at low frequencies, while a mid-bass driver covers voice and instruments without the necessity for a dedicated midrange.  Next, although definitely not discreet, is the 32” wide Prestige 55C center channel speaker. This behemoth utilizes 3-way crossover technology with a center-situated, rear-mounted, combination ‘Tweeter-Mid’ module that provides stunning reproduction of sound across the entire frequency range.  Considering that the center channel is often regarded as the most important speaker in your home theater system, the Prestige 55C will certainly not disappoint.  Rounding off your system with Prestige 25S surround channel speakers will envelop the listener in exhilarating high fidelity entertainment that is sure to please even the most ardent audiophile.


If the objective of modern audio systems is to achieve a level of performance that virtually eliminates any coloration of the audio by the speaker cabinet, drivers or design, then Paradigm meets that objective in exemplary fashion. Every speaker in every line they offer delivers pure, lifelike audio – efficient, unrestrained and precise in every detail, at any volume, in any space.  At Bravas, we are very excited to offer Paradigm speakers to our clients, as they are amazing speakers for the money spent.  With expert design and installation services, you can hear everything you have listened to before for the first time – again!

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