Signage is a vital component of marketing and information sharing. Digital signs are becoming more popular with business owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul. There are plenty of reasons why businesses are moving away from static signs towards animated displays. Bravas offers innovative advanced digital signs for your business. We can help you discover why they’re beneficial to your company and your clients. Below we break down some of the ways your business can utilize digital signs and why you need them.

1. Digital Signs Get Your Attention

Digital signage gets far more attention because people respond to movement and special effects. Once a sign catches the eye of someone walking by, that person is likely to enter your establishment out of curiosity. Greater customer traffic leads to increased business.

2. Digital Programming and Control Options

A static sign never changes. Thus, the information on it could become obsolete by the time you post the sign. The only way to update the information is to create a new sign. That approach is too time-consuming and costly. If you want to update your information without all the hassle, a digital sign is your best option.

3. Digital Signs Can Pay For Themselves

You’re going to pay more for a digital sign in upfront costs. However, once set in place, you’ll quickly notice how much money you’ll save in a relatively short period. You’ll no longer spend money on other branding materials such as print brochures, posters, traditional billboards, etc. It also saves times by allowing you to display new graphics you’ve designed instantly.

4. Digital Connectivity

Digital signs give you the ability to integrate a variety of digital content related to your business. Wireless units that are Internet-ready provide you the opportunity to display social media updates, YouTube videos, or your homepage. You can also get minute-by-minute news updates as they’re happening. No matter what you want to use your digital sign for, we can connect to your technology.

5. Digital Signs Engage Your Customers

Theme Parks, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and airports all use digital signs to engage customers while they’re waiting in line or for service. You can use your digital sign to provide information, interesting facts, or video. Connect speakers to your digital signs, and now you have a thoroughly engaging media display for people to watch and hear.

Digital Signs by Bravas

Modernize your marketing and informational approach by adding digital signs to your facility. Bravas offers high-end, digital signs that can accommodate your business needs. We can help you choose the right products for your company and install them to your exact specifications. Visit our Minneapolis location today to find out more about our signs. You can also call us at 651-641-1376, or you can message us on our contact page.

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