At one time, home automation was something you read about in Orwell’s, 1984 or watched in Back to the Future. Yet, we are now living in an age where what was once science fiction is now playing itself out in our very homes.


Now that it seems that anything is possible, what does the near future look like for home automation? Let’s take peek inside…

IoT Rules

Every tech-related entity on the planet has its sights set on the Internet of Things (IoT)—and rightly so. IoT will dominate every fabric of our lives in our homes, at our jobs, out on the streets, and virtually everywhere you turn. The term smart has now preceded cities, as leaders are already making use of IoT in metropolitan areas.


How does this affect your home? It comes down to this: if you can plug it in or power it using batteries, then it is a candidate to become an IoT device. Many of the IoT devices, which are currently relegated to commercial use, will become available for personal use within the next three to five years. Count on it.

Your Personal Assistant Will Be Digitized

The virtual assistant concept is nothing new. We’ve been enjoying our Google, Apple, and Amazon assistant products for a few years now. How the digitized personal assistance will be able to help you, however, will become more revolutionary as these basic devices transform into mini artificial intelligence (AI) bots with thinking, reasoning, and calculating skills that include big data processing. And don’t be surprised if they start talking to you like your spouse. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.


We can expect to see over three million physical robots in motion over the next two to three years. The robots do more than suck the dirt off your floor and scrub the scum from your pool. Robots, i.e., AI in a can, will be able to perform a wide range of functions all under the umbrella of automation...and in some cases autonomy. Take the autonomous vehicle, which is already making its way onto the interstate. That type of reactive thinking and decision making will appear in various forms in your home as early as 2020.

Automation Will Know Its Way Around the Kitchen

Smart refrigerators are here. So are smart stoves, smart dishwasher, toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves. These devices are filled with features that make them downright irresistible. Have you heard of the fridge cam yet? It’s a mini movable camera that scans the inside of your refrigerator.


Using an app, you can control the cam to find out if you have a certain item while you are shopping at the grocery store. You can also monitor who’s been stealing the cheesecake. We probably don’t have to tell you that bots are being built to cook and clean your food.

What Else?

There are too many items to go over in this blog, so we’ll just give you a summary of what you can expect from home automation technology.


●        Wireless automated chargers that find your phone anywhere in your house and charge it instantly. Better yet, some phones are already being solar charged automatically.

●        Short-throw projects, which are small devices that project high-definition video onto any surface as good or better than your big screen.

●        Automated audio with far less equipment and wiring that still produces amazingly clear, loud signals.

●        Self-driving pizza delivery cars. Has anybody seen that episode of Black Mirror yet?

●        Automated sleep trackers that work in conjunction with automated alarms. Both track your sleep, adjust their settings instantly, and make recommendations on your best sleeping patterns. All you have to do is fall asleep.

●        Clothing scanners that scan your wardrobe and then make recommendations based on the intel. You can instantly order from pre-selected stores that match your style.

●        More wireless devices that instantly sync, yet fewer devices that need to.

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