A home renovation increases the amount of traffic you have coming into your home. Whether you are bringing equipment and tools in and out of the house, have to make some quick runs, or you’ve hired a team of professionals to work on your project, your home is vulnerable to theft.


With that type of investment, you may want to take this opportunity to upgrade your home security system. Home security is a benefit that protects your assets. Today’s technology is better than ever and easier to use. Plus, it offers lots of features. If you’re going to rethink your home design, you might as well include the system that is keeping your home safe.

What Are the Benefits of Renovating Your Home Security System?

There are multiple advantages to installing and upgrading your current home security system:

●      New Systems Offer Enhanced Security

During your renovation, there will be plenty of times when your home is vulnerable to theft or vandalism. A new system offers enhanced security with options such as video monitoring, smartphone alerts, and high-definition cameras that can capture all the activity in your home in detail.


●      You Have Full Control Over Who Enters Your House

You may need to run some errands or go to work, but you have to leave the door unlocked for the contractors to do their job. An automated system allows you to have full control of who enters the house and when they are allowed to be there. You can receive messages and alerts when someone needs to get into the house, as well as program your system to lock and unlock at specified times. Simply tell the construction crew when they can enter and need to leave.


●      No More Hiding Keys or Giving Away Codes

If you’ve ever found yourself saying, “The key is hidden under the mat,” then you may enjoy the benefits of never having to give out a key or a security code ever again. When someone needs to access your home, you just pull out your phone, open up the system app, and unlock the door while disarming the alarm. With an automated system, you have complete security with no risks.

Complete Security Design and Installation in Minneapolis

Whether you are moving into a new home, remodeling your old home, or just want a better security system, Bravas offers advanced home security systems complete with full automation. We can help you design your system and then install it according to your specifications. 


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