Adopting smart home lighting automation in your home will make your daily routines seamless. From waking up in the morning, to coming home from work late, or making sure your kids get to bed at a decent hour, smart lighting provides comfort that's personalized to your routines.


Below are several ways Bravas can help you set up your lighting control for your home.


1. Use Your Smart Lights as an Alarm

Is your spouse sensitive to sounds? Don't worry about waking them with a loud alarm. Customize your room lights to turn on gradually for a gentle wake up. Never hear that obnoxious beeping again.

2. Set Your Porch Lights to Turn On at Sunset

With Bravas, your home can follow routines you already have in place, such as automatically turning on the porch light at sunset, and turning them off when the sun rises. You never have to get up to turn off the lights again.

3. Dim Your Child’s Lights Automatically

Are the kids getting ready for bed? Don't worry about checking anymore. Customize your home to automatically dim your kid's lights at a specific time every night. Now you don't have to worry about rushing to get them to bed.

4. Come Home to a Fully Lit Interior

Getting home from work after sundown? You’ll never have to enter a dark house again. We can customize your lights at home to automatically turn on at the same time every day. No more hurting yourself to try to find the light switch.

5. Single-Tap Light Control

If you need to turn the lights on quickly in an emergency, then single-tap control lets you do that. Don't worry about suspicious sounds in the middle of the night anymore. Customize all of your lights to turn on and illuminate your home at the press of a button.

6. A Nightlight You Never Have to Turn On or Off

Is you or your child’s night light a hassle to turn on or off? Never again. We offer personalized lighting systems that automatically dim the lamp or come on and off with one-touch control.

Business and Home Automation From Bravas

Whether you want to create a peaceful environment at home or need lighting that will stimulate activity in the workplace, Bravas has programmable automated lighting systems. We can custom design and install automated lighting anywhere inside a building so that it controls the light and fixtures.


No matter how simple or complex you want your system to be, we can help you achieve the look you’re going for from start to finish. To schedule an installation with one of our technicians, contact us at 651-641-1376, or you can message us on our contact page.

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