Face it: standard mobile vacuums are the worst. Lugging that thing up and down the stairs of a multi-story home is exhausting, and if you’ve got an especially dirty job, the canister can quickly fill, meaning more trips to the garbage can. If you already have mobility issues, chronic pain, or are a wheelchair user, a standard vacuum system can render itself completely inaccessible, or at the very least exacerbate your preexisting struggles. Too, in a more commercial setting such as a woodshop or an office building, standard vacuums can make cleaning up a nuisance due to their heft, leading to unhappy custodial staff.


If you have any of these issues, installing a central vacuum system with Bravas can help. We’re a multiservice Edina-based company that does everything from vacuum installation to home theater work to home automation.


But what, you ask, exactly is a central vacuum system?


Central Vacuum Systems: How it Works

In simple terms, it means that you’ll have a vacuum on the wall of every room you choose. Simply carry a hose and nozzle from room to room and attach it to the wall port to vacuum. A piping system runs through the walls of the building and is attached to a central node: the power fixture. This fixture is where all the dirt goes, and it only needs to be emptied a couple times a year, as opposed to a typical vacuum—you’d be emptying that thing every fifteen minutes.


Who Will Benefit from a Central Vacuum System?

Anyone anywhere can. Busy parents, those with limited mobility, you name it. However, central vacuum systems kick up less dust than a typical vacuum, meaning they are particularly beneficial for people with severe asthma or allergies.


Centralized vacuums are also particularly effective in a business setting due to their efficiency, relative quietness, and lack of weight; businesses in which hair and dirt is a big problem should definitely consider the purchase. These types of businesses include, but are not limited to:


●        Pet groomers, pet stores, and doggy daycares

●        Hair salons

●        Woodshop businesses

●        Equestrian facilities

●        Child care centers

●        Large factories

●        Large restaurants

Consider Bravas for your Central Vacuum Installation Needs

If you’re ready to invest in the cleanliness of your home or company, contact Bravas today. We’re a small, multi-talented company whose diverse line of skills includes everything from home security camera installation to commercial AV systems; we’re dedicated to making your life easier through technology. To find out more about our audio/video products or to schedule a consultation, visit our Minneapolis location. You can also call us at 651-641-1376 or send a message on our contact page.

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