Few things can bring an audiophile more joy than an outdoor audio system. Being able to flood their yard with the sweet sounds of their favorite band’s newest album would no doubt make their Saturday afternoon.


But even if you’re not an audio junkie, an outdoor audio system (whether it’s part of a whole home AV system or not) can make your backyard feel more like your own. Gentle ambiance while you stoke a campfire with some friends, palpable tension as you hang on every word of your favorite podcast—the possibilities for enjoyment and utility are endless.


Bravas, an Edina residential and commercial AV installation company, dives into these endless possibilities below.

Outdoor Audio Sets an All-Encompassing Vibe

Say you’re holding a family gathering. You’ve got the grill ready, the appetizers, and your yard shines perfectly green in the springtime sun. Everything seems perfect, but there’s still something missing: that inexplicable sense of connection that permeates the ideal get-together.


What can facilitate that elusive feeling? The right music, of course. But standard smartphone speakers are not going to have nearly enough power to blanket the entire yard in sound. Outdoor audio, due to its multiple, strategically-placed speakers, can effectively push sound into every nook and cranny of an outdoor space. Your guests will feel the mood-boosting, connection-fostering effects of the right music, no matter where they are in your yard.

Outdoor Audio Is Discreet

Most of us think that large, bulky stereos are needed to produce high-quality sound. However, audio technology has evolved so much so that, with the right outdoor audio system, you’ll hardly even know the speakers are there. Bravas uses the Sonance Landscape Series (SNS) in our installations. Small satellite speakers are responsible for your audio’s treble tones, while the bass is handled by inconspicuous subwoofers hidden under grass or shrubbery. The discreet SNS is often cited as the best-sounding outdoor audio system.


So, if you’re worried about clunky electronics ruining the aesthetic of your landscaping, don’t be. Landscape away—and listen to your favorite tunes while you’re at it.

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