In today's world, having a conference room that is comfortable and efficient is necessary when conducting business. Technology should be up to date and easy to use, with clear connections and limitless capabilities. Below, let's examine some ways you can update your conference room with new technology.


Video Conference Systems

Being able to communicate through personal, face-to-face interactions can help build genuine connections between colleagues and customers. An updated conference room should provide the unlimited ability to video chat with remote meeting attendees through various web-based platforms.

Surround Sound Audio

The ability to broadcast audio through integral speakers is another important feature of a modern conference room. Sound should be clear and crisp, without feedback or relay.

Recording Devices

Modern conference spaces should have the ability to record meetings. These recordings can later be used by people who were not able to attend, utilized for training purposes, or shared with others online.

Document Sharing

A modern conference room allows your team to important and display documents and data from the web or internal network quickly and easily. Besides the convenience, having documents easily accessible in one place eliminates the waste and inefficiency involved with printing and sharing copies of documents.

One-Button Window Treatment and Lighting Control

With automated window treatment control, window dressings can be lowered to darken the room with just one press of a button. Similarly, one-button lighting control allows you to dim or completely darken the room with a single touch. Adding these room controls can not only make presentations and meetings more immersive, but can also help save time trying to figure out clumsy logistics.

Smart Board Presentation Systems

Encouraging collaboration between conference attendees can spur creative thought and make communication easier. Smart boards are an excellent way to openly share documents, ideas, and presentations with other people in a conference room. The interactive technology literally allows a hands-on approach for editing, marking, and presenting documents.

Updating your conference room with modern technology can transform it into a destination for people, ensuring successful and efficient meetings. Ready to transform your space? Facilitate state-of-the-art conferences and meetings with the latest technology from Bravas! Our experienced technicians can help take your conference room to the next level with the most advanced technology and high quality installation. Click here to get a free quote today!

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