Many home theater owners feel as if they aren't getting the cinema-like experience they expected from their systems. Can you relate? Considering the amount of money that most people spend on bringing such entertainment to their homes, feeling short-changed after making such a financial endeavor can definitely deflate what should be a remarkable experience. Today, we're going to explain how you can enhance your home theater experience, and how such an experience can be streamlined with expectations.


Correct Speaker Arrangement

Being one of the simplest ways to enhance the home theater experience, it's surprising how often individuals incorrectly install their speakers. There are several resources online that offer tips on how you can enhance your speaker arrangements, with many revolving around the seating in your home theater. By following such guidelines, you'll feel immersed in the entertainment, instead of feeling like a spectator.


Center Channel Upgrade

Even though a subwoofer does a lot of work, it's the center channel that handles at least 85 percent of the information from the movie track. We’re talking about the big explosions, dialogue, and how the dialogue would sound like in an actual situation. If the center channel fails at any of the above, it can immediately take you out of the movie experience.

Long story short: if you want the best possible home theater experience, a quality center channel is what you should spend the most money on.


Make a Subwoofer Upgrade

When it comes to adding depth and impact to your entertainment, it's the subwoofer that's responsible. A quality subwoofer allows you feel the big on-screen explosions and hear the minor details of the rain hitting the window. However, it's worth mentioning that a bigger subwoofer doesn't always mean a better subwoofer. If you’re confronted with a small subwoofer that offers excellent quality sound or a big subwoofer that offers satisfactory sound, always stick with the higher quality subwoofer for the full movie experience.


Have Matching Speakers

If your speaker set-up is a random mix of speakers that come from several different manufacturers, you're cutting yourself short of the entertainment experience you could be getting. The reason for this is due to the fact that each speaker brand offers its own unique signature sound. Sounds travel from one speaker to another. If your speaker set-up is mishmash of brands, the sound signature will be all over the place. Matching speakers allow sound to travel seamlessly.

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