Diehard home automation fans might insist that they could never function without their systems, but when does home automation cross the line from a luxury into a necessity? Something that becomes inseparable from your ability to carry out daily tasks? Who needs one to maintain, at the very least, a standard quality of living?


The answer, of course, is the disabled.


From mobility issues to mental processing problems, the spectrum of human disability runs a huge gamut. It’s diverse, just like humanity itself. Regardless, a home automation system can drastically improve the quality of life for the disabled. Discover how below from Bravas, a home automation and lighting control installer.

Home Automation and Disability: What’s the Link?

If you’ve even a vague grasp of home automation systems, you know that they centralize the controls to various light fixtures, home security cameras, and entertainment systems. In other words, they make it so that these controls are all in one place.


This centralization makes it easier for everyone, regardless of physical or mental capabilities, to control the various parts of their home. For example, somebody with chronic pain might find it agonizing to move about the house and turn off all the lights. A person with a brain injury or Alzheimer’s, on the other hand, might not have the capacity to remember where all the switches are.


Home automation provides the remedy to these problems by keeping all household controls in one place. Controls require almost no physical strength to operate, and remembering the location of one thing is easier than remembering the location of many.

How Does this Help the Disabled?

Home automation systems, through their centralization of control, therefore improve household accessibility—in other words, how easily living in that house comes to a person with any given disability. Of course, this improves the quality of life for the disabled. Not having to worry about if you can remember where the lights are, or not putting yourself through pain to turn them off, is a welcome relief for many. For those with disabilities, home automation can mean the difference between a pain-free day and an agonizing one. They can make possible living the same quality of life as a non-disabled person.

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