To the outsider, or someone who hasn’t grown up with them, the thought of a home security camera may seem a little strange at first. The usefulness of one is obvious, of course—they alert the authorities if there was to be a break-in—but why invest in one? Why spend so much money on preventing something that might not even happen?


Well, a home security camera is a little like a life insurance policy: you don’t think you need one until it’s too late. Below, Bravas, a home automation and home security camera installer, examines other reasons why you, as a homeowner should invest in a security system.

With a Home Security Camera System, you Can be Aware of Exactly What Happens Around Your Home

Say you wake up one morning to find that your precious flower bed has been all dug up. You’re devastated. Who could have the heart to do this? The answer to that question won’t be a mystery with a home security camera. Footage captured can inform you exactly what miscreant decided to ruin your flowers—and, if it’s just a wild deer, as a handy bonus your security system can also save you some drama with the neighbors.


On a more serious note, awareness of your home’s surroundings can help stop crime and burglary before they start. Many criminals will spend time scoping out the site of the crime before they execute any sort of misdeed. Because this “scoping out” doesn’t involve much noise, it’s unlikely to wake you during the night. If potential burglars were to target your valuable assets while you were at work, too, you’d never know about it, unless one of your neighbors happens to be home at the time.


The preemptive action that is purchasing a home security camera will help deter these criminals, as you can view footage and alert the necessary authorities. You’ll feel safer knowing that you can watch over your home, even when you’re not there.

Alarms Also Deter Thieves

Our home security systems emit an alarm when tripped, which can also shock thieves into fleeing the scene before they take any valuables. After all, that alarm call is a signal that the authorities are on their way; no criminal wants to stick around for that. Even if they did swipe something despite the noise, police would quickly arrive at the scene, able to find time-sensitive evidence to crack the case and get back your belongings.

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