Home automation gives you the freedom to control almost any electronic aspect of your home with just the touch of a button. In our increasingly fast-paced world, the convenience and added comfort that such features can provide is a welcome addition to any dwelling. Not only that, but should you ponder selling in the near future, these features can add substantial value to your property. Here to discuss the growing trends in smart home features are the home automation professionals at Bravas.


Automated Audio Video Systems

The recent growth of the smart TV market gives a telling indication of what homeowners are really after: instant entertainment. Since their release in 2008, smart TV sales have grown by leaps and bounds, year after year, quickly ballooning into a $30 billion (and growing) industry. Homeowners want convenience, and smart systems deliver. Whole-home AV systems expand on the utility of smart devices by allowing total control from any room in the home. Want to pause a movie in the living room and pick up where you left off from the comfort of your bed? A whole-home AV system can do that. How about channel music into various rooms as you move about the house? An AV system can do that, too.


Smart Home Security

Fifty years ago, the family dog was the average homeowner’s security system. Today, however, property owners have become much more scrupulou—and for good reason. According to reports released by the FBI, nearly 1.5 million homeowners suffer the deleterious effects of burglary every year; however, those numbers are steadily declining from previous years. Why the dropoff? Better home security systems.


Since their inception, smart home security cameras have attracted a global audience, growing the industry nearly nine percent year over year. Not surprisingly, projections have the industry surpassing $75 billion within the next 10 years. Whether you plan on staying in your home for years to come, or hope to sell it to the new crop of millennial buyers, a smart home security system is quickly becoming a necessity.


Smart Thermostats

According to a recent smart-home survey conducted by real estate giant, Coldwell Banker, 77 percent of homeowners express a desire for smart thermostats. Why? Because remembering to adjust your AC before you leave the house is a real pain. Smart thermostats offer the convenience of voice control and even occupancy tracking, designed to keep you at a comfortable temperature at all times. Not only do these devices offer tremendous convenience, but they also bring with them tremendous cost savings. Depending on location and ambient temperature preferences, the average homeowner can save up to $200 on their annual heating and cooling costs.


Automated Lighting Control

Who loves getting up out of their warm, cozy bed to turn the lights off? No one. Or how about walking down a pitch-black hallway to use the restroom at 2 a.m.? No thanks. Smart lighting systems offer users the ability to control home lighting as they walk around the house, not with the touch of a button, but through simple movement. And, while the added convenience is inarguably attractive, the added security benefits make smart home lighting nearly irresistible.


Forgot to leave the front porch light on? At the end of a long day, weary homeowners can activate entryway lighting before exiting their vehicles for added safety. Similarly, lighting can be programmed to activate according to time of day, exterior light levels, or other user preferences. If you’re not a fan of the dark, smart lighting control is something to consider.


Home Networking

With the rise in popularity of smart home devices, home networking systems have also experienced a surge in popularity. These structured wiring systems offer the convenience of a centralized control hub for each and every home automation feature. Home networking delivers a snappy, stable internet connection, ensuring your devices function seamlessly, while also allowing for instant communication between all of your smart home features. How’s that for convenient?


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