When you’re a busy professional or have a family’s worth of activities to manage, convenience is paramount. Fiddling around with clunky electronics and inefficient wifi systems just makes your life more difficult – so why not upgrade? At Bravas, we know that in the hectic life of a busy adult or family, even the smallest conveniences are appreciated. We’re here to expand on those little conveniences by offering the best in home automation to our customers throughout the Twin Cities metro. If you’ve contemplated upgrading your home to enhance your comfort and convenience, we’ve compiled a brief list of automated systems we think you should consider.


Automated Lighting Control

If you’ve ever wished you could activate your home lighting for a warm welcome as you pull into your driveway, automated lighting can make that a reality. Or, if you’re working late and need to turn your lights on for enhanced security, you can do that, too. With an automated lighting control system, you dictate when and where your lights operate. Whether you choose a fully programmable, wall-mounted control system, motion-detecting lights, or wireless control from your smart device, you’ll not only enhance comfort and security but potentially save on your electrical bill, too.


Central Vacuum

No one enjoys lugging a bulky vacuum up and downstairs and from room to room. With a central vacuum system, you can bid that cumbersome hunk of plastic farewell! A central vacuum exists within the walls of your home, making daily chores an absolute breeze. Rather than lug around heavy, awkward equipment, simply attach your vacuum hose to strategically placed, wall-mounted inlets around your house. And, in areas where you prefer using a broom, sweep inlets effectively eliminate swept-up debris from your floor. A central receptacle collects debris in one hidden, easy-to-access location, keeping all of those allergy-producing dust particles locked down.


Audio Video System

If you enjoy entertaining guests or have an entertainment system in every room, a whole-home AV system can bring comfort and enjoyment to a whole new level. A centralized AV system allows you to control your music and video from any room in your house, but without cumbersome remotes and bulky consoles. Instead, sleek, wall-mounted control panels and switches give you total control over volume, playback time, song selection, and video display. And, for even more convenience, you can choose to operate the entire system right from your smartphone. All you need to do is decide where in your home you’d like to be entertained!


Centralized Automation System

A centralized automation system is the cream of the crop when it comes to home automation. In one convenient, easy-to-use system, you can integrate all of your home’s automation features through a combination of networking and structured wiring. Connect your security cameras, heating, air conditioning, lighting controls, and even your lawn sprinklers so you can activate them with just the touch of a button. Whether you choose wall-mounted, centralized control panels throughout your home, or you’d like to activate your automation features from your phone or tablet, you choose the features and controls that are most convenient for you.


Home Automation from Bravas

When you’re ready to upgrade your home for enhanced comfort and convenience, give our experts at Bravas a call. Whether you want to start small with just a few home automation features or you’re ready to make your house a tech powerhouse, we’ll make your vision a reality. To find out more about our audio/video products or to schedule a consultation, visit our Minneapolis location. You can also call us at 651-641-1376 or send a message on our contact page.

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