Do you want to bring the ultimate in audio-video connectivity and convenience to your home? If so, a whole-home AV system is for you. With a whole-home AV system, you might miss your nightly quest for the remote, but you’ll gain total control of what’s playing – and when it’s on – from any room in your home. How do you know if a whole-home AV system is right for you? The experts at Bravas discuss a few reasons to consider installing this super convenient technology in your home.


Total Control At the Touch of a Button

Whether you want to turn on your favorite tunes or keep your kids occupied with a movie in another room, you have total control with just the touch of a button. With a centralized audio-video system, you can pause a movie in the family room, then turn on your bedroom TV and pick up where you left off. Or, if you’re having guests, you can control the type of music playing in each room.


Because the entire system is centralized inside the walls of your home, there’s no fumbling around trying to locate a remote or lugging speakers from room to room. Just a simple, wall-mounted keypad or a minimalist set of switches brings entertainment to your fingertips from any room in your home.


Uncluttered Aesthetic

Who loves the aesthetic that dozens of electrical cords bring to a room? That’s right – no one. If you’re meticulous about your home’s interior design, a whole-home AV system is perfect for you. No messy cords hanging everywhere; no lost remotes or portable speakers; and no clunky video game controllers, DVD players, or cable boxes clogging up the shelves in every room. Since a whole-home AV system is housed within the walls of your home, it lends itself perfectly to maintaining a clean, organized, and appealing aesthetic.


Whole-Home AV: Wired or Wireless?

When considering a whole-home AV system, you have a couple of options: a wired system or a wireless system. So which one should you go with? To be honest, that depends on your needs. With a wired system, you’ll have better quality video and audio, so if you’re an audiophile, wired is your best bet. Wired systems are more reliable, too – they aren’t susceptible to broadcast storms that cause transmission dropouts. Plus, wired systems offer snappier connection speeds, and should you have connectivity issues, they are easily resolved on a wired system.


If you’re going for convenience, however, a wireless system wins out. When you live in a rental, most landlords won’t allow you to rip up the drywall to install wired systems. Obviously then, these situations necessitate wireless installation. Or, if you’re looking to control the system exclusively from your smartphone or tablet, a wireless system connects seamlessly to your smart devices.


For the best of both worlds – a robust and highly convenient system – consider combining both wired and wireless.


Whole-Home AV Systems from Bravas

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