Are you still relying on antiquated static signage to represent your brand? If so, it’s time to bring your business into the digital age with digital signage solutions from the team at Bravas. Commercial AV is an entertaining and effective means of company-wide communication and consumer advertising, making it not only effective at publicizing your brand but also at better engaging your workforce. Curious how digital signage can enhance your business and, in turn, help you generate more revenue? The team at Bravas explains below.


Visual Appeal and Engagement

Consumers who feel a high level of engagement with your brand are more likely to bring repeat business. Engagement is essentially an emotional reaction, so if customers feel a stronger emotional tie to your brand—brought about through the appeal of digital signage—they become loyal patrons and direct others toward your brand, too.


Even better, employees who feel a high level of engagement with their workplace exhibit greater productivity and are more likely to represent your business in a positive light. Digital signage has also demonstrated benefits in regard to employee engagement because it’s an efficient and entertaining means of communication. Digital signage is also an effective means of employing gamification tactics within the workplace, which are well-known to help foster employee participation and productivity.


Rapid Content Updates Save Time and Money

How much does your organization spend on printing new materials and updating static signage? How much time do your employees spend performing these tasks? And finally, how much of your budget might you save if content updates were easier and less costly?


Digital signage reduces your organization’s paper needs by providing a digital platform in which you can communicate and update information in a matter of minutes. At Bravas, we train your employees on content creation and updates, so tasks that typically require days or weeks can be completed in a matter of hours. You save money on paper and printing costs, and your organization saves time on menial tasks. What happens when your employees have more time on their hands? They can dedicate more of their time to important, revenue-producing tasks.


Communicate and Enhance Brand Image

In our modern, digital age, consumers and employees alike have become accustomed to the visually appealing and engaging nature of digital content. Bringing commercial AV and digital signage to your business not only enhances its aesthetic appeal, but it also allows you to communicate your brand message clearly.


When visitors and guests view digital signage, it's far more likely to capture and hold their attention than basic, static signage. In fact, according to tech news outlet, VentureBeat, who used attention metric technology to measure how long viewers’ eyes remained on screen and which areas they paid the most attention to, digital signage is approximately 34% more effective at promoting information than its static counterpart. Researchers also learned that about 40% of people are more likely to patronize a business that employs video screens for promotions and advertising.


You can use this as an opportunity to communicate important updates, promotions, and other information about your brand that you feel is important to communicate to your audience. And, because system-wide changes can be implemented in a matter of minutes, you can update your content as frequently as necessary to better promote your brand.


Bravas: Twin Cities Commercial AV Specialists

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