If you’re a busy professional, when you finally get a chance to wind down and relax, the last thing you need is to waste your precious downtime fiddling with household tedium. At Bravas, we know life gets busy, and for many of us, it hardly slows down enough to even catch a breath. That’s why our team is here to help make your life easier! If you live a hectic life, check out these convenient home automation features that can help you hold on to your valuable free time.

Central Vacuum System

Even if you find household chores cathartic, there’s no arguing the bulky inconvenience of a traditional vacuum cleaner, especially if your home features multiple floors. Lugging that thing up and down stairs, fighting with the cord, emptying the nasty dust and hairballs in the canister—nothing about an old school vacuum is even close to convenient.

Enter, the central vacuum system.

A central vacuum couldn’t make household cleaning more convenient; just attach your vacuum hose to one of several strategically placed, in-wall receptacles and get your vacuum on. The system features a network of pipes that run through your home’s walls, which are attached to the system’s central power source and debris canister.

When you attach the vacuum hose to the in-wall receptacle, the system delivers powerful suction that pulls household debris straight into the central canister— no cords, no lugging, and no teeny tiny canisters that require emptying after every use. If you’re not a huge fan of tedious household chores, a central vacuum doesn’t just save you time; it might just save your sanity, too.

Centralized Automation System

If you’re into smart gadgets, having umpteen different IoT devices can be a major pain. That’s where a centralized home automation system shines. Connecting and integrating several singular devices can be highly inconvenient because many times, they fail to work together as designed or drop connections frequently. Not so with a centralized automation system.

With centralized home automation, all of your automation features connect within the walls of your home. A command hub—the brain of the system, if you will—operates each system independently, but it can also integrate your automation features to function in concert. So, if you’d like your interior lights to activate when your security cameras detect unusual activity, you can program the system to do that. Or, if you’d like to adjust your thermostat on your drive home from the office, you can set your system up for mobile control. A centralized automation system puts you in total control of all your home’s automation features, and, because it wires into your walls, you’ll never need to worry about wavering WiFi causing interruptions. 


Bravas: Making Your Life Easier & More Entertaining

At Bravas, we design and integrate custom home automation systems designed according to your unique needs and desires. Having a home automation system is no longer a far-fetched, extravagant luxury; in today’s fast-paced world, automation is a household necessity if you’re always on the go. From central vacuum systems and lighting control to whole-home AV and robust security systems, our team works diligently to bring you unmatched automation solutions for your home.

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