As a conscientious homeowner, how do you know when it’s time for a home security system upgrade? You no doubt want the best possible protection for your property, and to achieve that, cutting-edge, robust security technology is essential. Whether your current system is quickly becoming outdated, or you’re just in the market for advanced new features, our team at Bravas explains what you should consider when contemplating a security system upgrade.

Transition to Off-Site Monitoring

Older, traditional security systems only allow homeowners to monitor activity on-site; modern home security cameras, however, offer homeowners the ability to monitor activity remotely, right from their mobile phones. With off-site monitoring, your security system immediately sends alerts to your phone, tablet, or computer in the event of suspicious activity.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can monitor what’s going on around your property and disarm the system, if necessary. And, even better, you can monitor previously recorded footage from anywhere in the world. Whether you travel frequently or just spend very little time at home, remote monitoring offers you unmatched peace of mind.

Integrate Home Security With Home Automation

If your home security cameras are so old they can’t communicate with your other home automation features, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Modern security cameras have improved dramatically in terms of functionality in recent years, so if you’re looking for truly robust home security, home automation and security system integration won’t disappoint.

Homeowners now have the ability to connect their home security systems with other smart home features such as lighting control, automatic entry point locks, garage door controls, and many others. When the system detects something unusual, a central control unit activates these systems simultaneously, warding off potential intruders and better protecting your property.

Wired to Wireless or Vice Versa

Home security systems are now available in two formats: Wireless systems that operate using your WiFi, and wired systems that rely on your home’s landline network connection. Either format yields a similar overall outcome, but here’s the major consideration when deciding between the two: Wired systems are more reliable, simply because they don’t rely on WiFi for continuous operation.

That said, wireless security cameras are highly convenient, primarily because their installation doesn’t require you to make modifications to your home (wired systems require a network of wires that’s hidden inside your home’s walls). Whether you’re looking to explore the convenience of wireless home security or you’d like to install a more robust, reliable system, our team at Bravas can advise you on the most appropriate setup for your needs.  

Keep Your Home & Family Protected With Bravas

Nothing is more important than taking good care of your family, and at Bravas, our team is here to help you do just that. If you’re in the market for a robust home security system, our expert home automation team will work with you to create a completely custom solution to help you keep your loved ones and property safe. Whether you’re contemplating the latest wireless home security devices, or you’d like to implement a centralized, wired setup, we’ll make your vision come to life. To find out more about our home security cameras and systems or to schedule a consultation, visit our Minneapolis location. You can also call us at 651-641-1376 or send a message on our contact page.

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