The days of home audio systems comprised of a stereo receiver, tape deck, and two speakers seem remarkably antiquated. We live in the age of iPods, iPads, hard drives and networks, with digital data streaming through controllers, keypads and apps – these are now the stars of the show. Current consumer electronics entertainment installations call for systems integrators, which function as designers, engineers and installers - bringing together a wide array of electronic components to create a unified, functioning system that meets the requirements of the client. At times, these solutions can get quite elaborate and expensive, and as the level of sophistication rises, the number of components and costs rise respectively.


Enter Niles, a company focused on providing high-quality electronics that integrate easily and distribute home entertainment efficiently for residential and even some commercial applications. Niles has been instrumental in the evolution of whole-house audio and video distribution, offering over 500 individual products for every aspect of whole–house audio/video networking. A solid foundation is prerequisite for building a stable structure. Similarly, dependable distribution equipment is required to maintain an enduring entertainment environment.


Providing loudspeakers, amplifiers, multi-zone audio distribution, automation devices, controls, and accessories, Niles is committed to solutions that are easy to deploy, perform above and beyond the expectations of the end user, and are attractively priced. Many custom installation scenarios are time-sensitive and involve numerous elements that must play well together. With this in mind, Niles has set the bar pretty high, keeping their products in stock at all times, providing extensive technical support and expertise when necessary, and ensuring that every product they offer is truly part of a complete solution, not just a box with a part inside.


At Bravas, we are very excited to offer Niles equipment to our clients, as it truly makes our jobs so much easier. Their products meet the needs just about any project, our installation staff praise the ease with which Niles gear can be installed and configured, and likely the most important reason of all – our clients are happy at the end of the day! When combined with our expert design and installation services, your audio and video distribution equipment will perform flawlessly for years to come! Stop into Bravas and let’s discuss how you can best enjoy what today’s technology can offer.

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