Bob Carver’s interest in audio equipment began at an early age, when his father first showed him what his voice “looked like” on an oscilloscope.  In high school, he built an amplifier using instructions from a magazine article, and although it was not groundbreaking as such, he was hooked and continued his amplification endeavors. Later in life, with a formal education as a physicist and engineer, he applied his talents to the development of many innovative stereo technologies – particularly looking for unconventional approaches to amplifier design.  As a graduate student at the University of British Columbia, Bob Carver turned a classroom experiment into the foundation of a renowned brand of home audio products. An assignment to build an apparatus that would simulate earthquakes became the epicenter of a career that repeatedly raised performance expectations in the entire home audio industry. Famous for designing the Phase Linear 700 in 1972, the most powerful consumer audio amplifier in its day at 350 Watts per channel, he went on to found the Carver Corporation in 1979 and Sunfire in 1994.

At Bravas, we are pleased to offer Sunfire amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers to our clients.  We feel that the Sunfire brand represents nothing less than audio perfection.  With their flagship Theater Grand amplifier churning out 400 watts of power into each of 7 channels, this behemoth outperforms anything else of comparable size or cost.   And if that sounds epic, wait till you hear and feel the XTEQ 12” subwoofer, pushing out 3,000 watts of pure, mind-numbing bass.  Finish off this world reference setup with Cinema Ribbon Trio speakers - 440-watt, on-wall loudspeakers that have absolutely no equal.  You may wonder when, or why, you could possibly use the immense power capabilities of this equipment.  Well, you could either indulge your entire neighborhood with entertainment, or more realistically, enjoy the finest fidelity possible in your home at comfortable listening levels.  It does not have to be loud to sound good, but the enormous power and efficiency of this gear translates into the purest sound reproduction at even the most modest of volumes.

Some companies are jacks of all trades, but masters of none.  Sunfire keeps its vision precisely focused on perfecting what it does best - and nothing more.  You will not find dozens of commodities within any given category here – but what you will find are a select number of products that can truly be called ‘best in class’.  Stop into Bravas and hear what perfection sounds like!

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