Roy Stewart had a vision for making large front and rear projection screens.  With the help of his two sons, Marshall and Clifford, a small business was opened at a former WWII munitions facility in Torrance, California. Under the name, Roy C. Stewart & Sons, this operation produced one ‘lace and grommet’ screen per week for the movie industry. 

For over 65 years, Stewart Filmscreen Corp. has set the standard for projection screens worldwide, offering a perfect combination of superior quality, flexible design and some of the best support in the industry.  Architects, consultants, systems designers, and property owners rely on Stewart Filmscreen to provide the most immersive visual experiences in consumer or professional media venues.

In commercial and home movie theaters, the screen is a reflective surface onto which a video projector casts its content.  It may either be designed for high contrast in moderate ambient light, or embedded with small glass beads for high brilliance in a dark environment. Some screens even have hundreds of small, evenly spaced perforations to facilitate acoustic transparency for speakers which can be installed directly behind it.   Rigid and fixed frame, wall-mounted screens maintain their geometry perfectly just like Movie Theater screens, which makes them suitable for applications that demand precise image integrity.  These are typically permanent installations, so room architecture and décor must be taken into consideration.  Electric screens can be wall or ceiling mounted, with an electric motor which raises and lowers the screen. These screens are usually operated using a remote control or wall-mounted switch, although some projectors are equipped with a triggering output that connects to the screen and automatically lowers or raises it based on the projectors’ operating status.

Stewart Filmscreen is a brand firmly familiar to the most particular, quality conscious customer base in the projection industry.  Years of research and development go into every flexible or rigid material systems product they offer, with impeccable attention to detail from design to production to installation. Proprietary material science and innovative manufacturing methods allow Stewart to produce some of the most optically immaculate screens in the world, ultimately delivering an experience that is without equal. This is not just another projection screen – it is the best projection screen!

In order to satisfy our clients, Bravas listens carefully, provides years of expertise in the proper selection and configuration on your theater screen, and aspires to match the quality of Stewart screens with the quality of our service.

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